7 Little Things That Prove Your Love is Real ...

Some couples look like they're perfect for each other, but then go home and fight until the sun comes up. Other couples are truly, madly in love, but it's hard to tell the difference between perfect and imperfect couples when you're looking at them as an outsider. However, when you're in a relationship, it's easy to tell whether or not your love is legit. Here are a few little things that prove your love is indeed real:

1. Doing What He Doesn't like

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Your boyfriend absolutely hates the idea of painting eggs for Easter and hasn't done it since he was a kid. However, he knows that it's important to you, so he doesn't hesitate to buy some dye and a carton of eggs. Even though painting eggs is the last thing he'd ever want to do, he doesn't mind doing it when it's with you. He actually kind of likes it.

2. Telling inside Jokes

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When you're truly in love, your boyfriend will be your best friend. That means that you'll have plenty of inside jokes. It doesn't matter what they're about, as long as they make you both burst into laughter. No one else will get the joke, but you two won't care, because you'll be too busy giggling.

3. Understanding Gibberish

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Your boyfriend knows what's on your mind, even when you can't figure out how to say it. You might tell him a story that seems like complete gibberish to everyone else in the room, but he can figure out exactly what you mean. How? Well, because he's spent so much time with you that he's learned how to speak your language.

4. Knowing Your Likes

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He knows more than your favorite TV show and your favorite color. He knows that you need to have a lemon in your drink at restaurants and that you can't doze off unless you're sleeping on the left side of the bed. Some of the information he knows is pretty bizarre, but it doesn't make him love you any less.

5. Giving Little Looks

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When you walk through his door, does he look at you like he's the happiest person in the world? Even though you only left for five minutes to take out the garbage, he's overjoyed that you're back in the room with him. He doesn't have to say it, because his eyes say it all. He's madly in love.

6. Protecting You from It All

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He knows that you don't like to talk about your job, so when someone asks you about it, he doesn't hesitate to change the subject. When you two see someone you hate at the store, he steers you away from them, even if it means you'll be going out of your way. He does whatever he can to protect you, even from the silly things that seem small.

7. Play Fighting without Really Fighting

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Can you jokingly give him the middle finger without starting a fight? It's a good sign when couples can joke around without getting into ridiculous arguments. It shows that you're genuinely friends, and that you feel secure in the relationship. If you didn't, then you'd think he was serious when he called you an idiot.

When you're truly in love with someone, you'll know it. Do you and your boyfriend do these little things?

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