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Figuring out how to impress a guy is never easy! They are hard creatures to understand and learning the love tricks that can really impress them isn't necessarily something that us girls can master -- guys probably feel the same way about us! If you're looking for ways to impress a guy without using your body, but rather using your wits and intelligence, I've got you covered! We've got more to show than just our bodies, girls, and I'm here to show you how! So, you ready to learn some tips for impressing a guy?

1. No Drama

Guys are obsessed with girls who don't bring drama into their lives. While some drama is necessary once you are their girlfriend , making sure to keep the drama at a minimum when you are just flirting with him is a great way to impress him. Guys want a girl who is laid back someone to go with the flow, someone who doesn't mind change. Keep that in mind when you are learning how to impress a guy.

Don't over-Dress Yourself


MaryJane Field
@anonymous, hey girl. you should email me i feel your feels. my name is mary! Maryjane.fieldlife@gmail.com
@sugarpie, is he like actually related to you? Cause if he is that can be a little messy when it comes to the fam. Idk what to do bait the whole commitment thing, sorry.
there is a guy who likes me ... he is kind of my relative... we met in my uncles wedding.. he wants to be commited with me .. he is nice but i m confused ... what should i do ?
there is a freshmen in my school and he plays basket ball and i want him to notice me and like me
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I know it's hard to get parents to like the person that you date, but he sounds like a great guy! :) I'd say that you should go for it! Talk to him a bit, flirt and see where it goes!
Hey Girls i go to a private school, also I'm daughter of a politician, so to fit in, i need to know what im doing and keep my reputation, but there's this guy. An amazing gorgeous sweet funny protecti...
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I know you are nervous but you definitely have to do it when it is right for you. Not the right moment? Don't let him pressure you! :)
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