7 Ways to Ask for a Guy's Number ...


7 Ways to Ask for a Guy's Number ...
7 Ways to Ask for a Guy's Number ...

There are tons of different ways to ask for a guy's number, but it's still hard and can be super scary if you let it! Guys can be really hard to read and can also send a lot of mixed signals (just like us!) but, with the right ways to ask for a guy's number, you'll be able to get your crush's number in no time at all! So, you ready to see exactly the right ways to ask for a guy's number so that you'll get his digits the first time?

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Make a Joke about It

You're funny and witty and have a natural sense of humor, right? Show it by 'jokingly' asking for his number! You could say something like 'well, if I had your number, it'd be easier to share my constant wittiness' and then laugh and smile. It's one of the surefire ways to ask for a guy's number without appearing like you are asking at all!


Remember, the trick is in the delivery. Keep it light and playful to ensure you create a comfortable environment. If he's into sports, you could try something along the lines of “I’m thinking of starting a fan club for your basketball skills. How could the president reach you for club meetings?” Or if he's a coffee lover, “I need an expert to recommend me the best coffee spots in town. Might need to consult you over text, you know?” A laugh can soften the moment, making it easy for him to slide his number your way without the pressure.


Ask a Friend

Are you really good friends with any of his friends? Have you had the chance to maybe ask for his number via his friends? That's a great way to get his number … without having to really talk to him at all! The only problem with this method is the fact that if you call/text him – he'll probably wonder who you are.


If you're on friendly terms with any of his pals, it's a subtle yet effective approach. Just make sure you have a plausible reason for reaching out when you do finally text or call him. Maybe you're "organizing a group event" or "need his advice on something." That way, it won't seem out of the blue and you have a natural conversation starter. Remember, trust is key here – you don’t want his friend to feel like you're using them, so ask politely and ensure they're okay with passing along his number.


Ask Him if He Has a Phone

Weird, right? Asking him if he has a phone? The reason why you could ask him that is because then you could casually mention that maybe he might want to give you his number – yanno, for safe keeping. This is a great way to really let him know that you want his number without asking at all!


One of the most important things to remember when asking for a guy’s number is to be confident. You don’t have to be overly confident, but you should appear comfortable and sure of yourself. The best way to do this is to have a plan in mind before you approach him. Asking him if he has a phone is a great way to start the conversation and let him know that you’re interested in getting to know him better. This way, you can bring up the topic of exchanging numbers in a casual and non-threatening way.

Another way to make the situation less awkward is to exchange numbers in a public place. This way, you can both feel comfortable and secure. You can even suggest that you both add each other on social media, which can be a great way to start a conversation and get to know each other better.

Make sure to be respectful of his boundaries. If he doesn’t want to give out his number, don’t push him. You can always suggest that you exchange numbers another time or that you can stay in touch through social media.


State You Should Talk More

This method is all about continuing a great conversation that you might've been having – and why wouldn't you want to talk more? Ask him if he maybe wants to talk more, maybe he should give up his number! Who wouldn't want to talk to you, especially if he already was getting to know your personality?


See if You Can Make Plans – and Slip in You'll Need His Number

When you are in person, do you ever ask him if he wants to make plans with you? You could always just mention that it'll be easier if plans change to have his number. It'll be easier for you to be able to get a hold of him. Heck, you could even mention meeting somewhere … but you'll need his number to make sure he knows when you are there.


Check Facebook

Facebook is a great way to get a guy's number, if he has it listed in his Facebook account of course. This is also a creepy way to get his phone number, so make sure that you are sure that you want to use this way. The one thing that it will reveal if you do use his phone number this way is that you've stalked him a little. Be careful!


Give Him Your Number

Finally, if you give him your number, who knows, maybe he'll just give up his too! Another great tactic that I use all of the time is the old 'oh, let me text you my number and you can text me back.' Yes, it's a little sneaky, but it totally works and half of the time, they don't even realize that you are asking for their number!

So, if you've always had a problem with asking for a guy's number, don't worry! There are tons of ways to do it and make it so you don't come out rejected or feel weird. What other ways do you have to ask for a guy's number? Give 'em up!

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._. Call me weird but I just ask for his number, then offer mine. It's not attractive to be passive aggressive, unless he's a complete idiot.

Solution regarding getting his # from a friend.... I usually go with the prank texting method. just send silly texts dropping hints about your identity (in case they get irritated)

I used the facebook one:)

#3 but he would not know you want his number

Or just tell him that you need his Facebook name and tell him to text it so he has to give you his number first

There is one that I find truly amazing. What you do is you invite him to a conversation with you and a friend. After in the conversation, say to your friend, "Oh yeah, I was supposed to give you my number" and start. T give it to her. Then tun around and ask him if he wants your number too. Genius, right! The reason it is great is that it does not seem forced.

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