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9 Things to do if You Have a Crush on Your Cousin ...

By Heather

Having a crush on your cousin is not horrible and it doesn't make you weird, it's actually pretty normal. If you have a crush on your cousin, it's okay. I have some tips and things that you can do that will explain your feelings a little more. It's normal to have a crush and to start to feel things for people that you are around a lot. Remember that!

1 Age

How old were you when you started to get a crush on your cousin? This actually could have a lot to do with developing your crush. To be honest, if you are just developing feelings for the opposite (or same sex), they can develop about someone that you are close to. It's normal, but that doesn't mean that you need to act on it.

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2 Understand It is Normal

Understanding that these feelings might not be love and might not even be a true, real crush is very, very important. I know it might feel like you are in love with your cousin and that they are your dream boyfriend or girlfriend, but it might all boil down to how old you are and if you are going through hormone changes.

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3 Don't Act on It

When you have a crush on your cousin, you don't want to act on these feelings. This is your family and acting on these feelings could cause a lot of confusion and could cause a lot of controversy. While I know it might be a little hard in the beginning, you've got to resist acting on your feelings.

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4 Seek Alternative People to Crush on

I know it might be hard to think about, but finding someone else can actually help you to move on and won't cause you to have any emotions toward your cousin. You might have to grieve for your crush and even give yourself time to get over it, but the sooner you find someone to crush on that isn't related to you, the better.

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5 Allow Yourself Time to Get over the Crush

Remember how I said that you'll need time to get over the crush that you have? Well, give yourself that time to get over your crush. It's okay to take it; in fact, take as much time as you want. You shouldn't ever be on any sort of time line.

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6 Grieve if Needed

If you really think that you are in love with your cousin, you might need to take some time to grieve the loss. I know that it hurts to really not act on how you feel or for it those feelings to not be returned, but you deserve someone that is going to treat you amazingly well and someone that isn't related to you.

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7 Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

Having a crush on your cousin is no reason to beat yourself up. It actually happens to a lot of people and as previously stated, it's not abnormal and it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you.

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8 Focus on Yourself

While you're grieving and trying to sort out your feelings, you can also take this time to focus on yourself. Even though you're mourning a loss, you can still take good care of yourself and surround yourself with your friends to help make the process a little easier.

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9 Know You Are Not Alone

I know a lot of people think that they are the only ones in the world that have had a crush on their cousin, but you aren't alone! I know at least four or five people that had a crush on their cousin at some point in their lives. It typically happens when you are young and it is just hormones.

As you can see, having a crush on your cousin isn't something horrible, it's actually pretty common. So, have you ever had a crush on your cousin? Be honest!

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