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Make Sure Your Height as a Tall Girl Doesn't Intimidate Him ...

By Alicia

Being a tall girl can be terrific or terrible. There’s good and bad that comes along with it. One area where it can a little tricky is in the dating world. Some guys feel intimidated by a girl that’s tall. Here’re some ways to make sure your man doesn’t feel that way.

1 Be Confident and Love Yourself!

person, human action, art, singer, singing, First of all, accept and love yourself, including your height! We’re all unique individuals and you should never have to apologize for that. If you’ve accepted who you are, including your height then it’s less likely to be an issue for him. If you’re hung up on it then deal with that before you get into a relationship. Guys love a confident girl!

2 Tell Him How Treasured He Makes You Feel

person, facial expression, emotion, It's, just, When it comes to dealing with a guy feeling intimidated, the key is to point out the opposite of what he’s thinking. He may feel a little off in his game when you first begin dating each other. Let him know that he makes you feel as protected and treasured the same way a girl of any height would feel. Let him see your feminine side.


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3 Compliment His Masculinity

person, conversation, profession, film, 2.1, Being “the tall one” in the relationship can make a guy feel masculine. It’s your job to let him know that his masculinity has nothing to do with your height difference or lack thereof. Tell him how masculine you find him. If saying those words feels awkward, you can always do it in a playful manner such as telling him how impressed you are by his strong muscles. Every guy loves to hear that!

4 Ignore the Negative Comments of Others

football player, sports, Hateregonnahate, You know, haters gonna hate. That’s true for all of us. We’ve all got something that people talk about us for; for you, it may be your height. The best revenge you can ever get against someone who tries to tear you down is to refuse to allow that. Ignoring them and living your best life shows your inner character and power.

5 Wear Flats

person, performing arts, human action, art, physical fitness, I believe women of any height can wear whatever heel they wish to wear. But if you feel a little awkward because you’re taller than your boyfriend, wear flats. But I’ll share a secret with you here. My husband is exactly 1 foot taller than I am and while we’re crazy in love, I’ve sometimes wished I was taller to close the gap. I think it would be nice to be eye to eye without me looking so far up and him looking so far down.

6 Point out Other Tall Beauties

person, singing, finger, DNESSDISNEYGIFS, There’re lots of couples out there where there’s only a small height difference or the couple is the same height. You may even have someone like that in your friend group. If your boyfriend is feeling like you’re an odd couple, prove him wrong! Show him some other couples with a little to no height difference so he won’t feel so alone. And honestly, if this’s the main issue in your relationship then you’re on easy street!

7 Remind Him That He’s the Envy of Others

red, flower, geological phenomenon, One beautiful, wonderful thing about being a tall girl is that you’ve got legs that go on for miles. You also carry your weight much better and easier than your shorter sisters. (Can you tell I’m just a little envious of you?!) You’re a beauty and your man is lucky to have you. In fact, he’s very likely the envy of others. That’s something you don’t want to let him forget!

These’re some ways to help your man if he’s feeling intimidated by your height. How much height difference is there between you and your man? I can’t wait to hear your answers!

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