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How to Text a Guy First the Best Tips ...

By Jennifer

You're a take-action kind of girl, not willing to wait around for something to happen TO you — you want to be the one to make things happen! That's why you're dying to text the guy you like, but how? I've got some stellar you-text-him-first tips to share... ready? 😆

1 Get It Going

toy, You've got his number, you know he likes you, it's time to act! Send him a short but direct text. If you haven't texted him before, identify yourself and say hi in a way you'll know he'll recognize it's you. For example, say, "Hi Hans! This is Anna from your math class. How did you do on that exam yesterday?"

2 Ask Questions... LOTS of Questions

woman, meal, What's, with, the, First of all, asking questions will keep the conversation going... but it also lets him know you're interested in him, and by looking at his responses, you'll be able to tell how HE feels about YOU.

3 Keep It Upbeat 😊

person, facial expression, photography, black hair, smile, It's REALLY hard to express tone in a text, even with emojis. So when possible, keep the tone light and upbeat, so there's no confusion.

4 Flirt a Little 😏

person, profession, Why is it so much easier to flirt over text than in person? Hone your flirting skills by being coy and cute, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there a little bit.

5 Be Prepared

person, profession, speech, mobile device, education, He may ask you some tricky questions, so take advantage of the pause-to-think texting can give you to actually pause and think before you just fire off a text you might regret later.

6 Sign off Sweetly

Brighttag, person, singing, ritual, GOODNIGHT, When it's time to go, keep it light and maybe even slightly mysterious. Something like, "It's been great texting, but I've got to go. See you in math on Wednesday?"

7 Why Not...?

person, want, your, girlfriend, more, You're bold, you're brave — why not ask him out? The trick is, now that you've been clever and asked lots of questions, to be specific. Rather than saying, "Want to hang out sometime?" text him something like "Want to catch some Pokemon downtown on Friday? We could meet at Starbuck's on 5th after class..."

Do you have any other texting-him-first tips to share?

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