7 Different Personalities Men Have around Different People ...


7 Different Personalities Men Have around Different People ...
7 Different Personalities Men Have around Different People ...

Just like women, there are different personalities men have around different people. No one is going to act the same around their mother as they do around their boss. It doesn’t make him any less genuine, so don’t blame him if he treats you differently depending on the situation. The personalities men have differ for good reason.

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His Boss

If he takes you to a work party, don’t be surprised when he’s less handsy than usual. He needs to act professional in front of his coworkers. They might lose respect for him if they catch him making out with his significant other by the water cooler. Acting professionally is one of the different personalities men have around different people. You should be proud of him--he’s doing what he needs to do to keep his job.


His Family

You might feel like you’re with an entirely different man when you take a trip to his parents’ house. Around his mother and father, he might be more emotional and dependent. When he was a child, his parents cooked for him and cleaning up after him. Even though he’s now an adult, those feelings can return when he steps back into the house he grew up in. Don’t fault him for wanting special treatment.


His Buddies

When he hangs out with the boys, he might be more sexual than he is around you. Men like to talk about women as much as women like to talk about men. They might be vocal about how sexy the cheerleaders look at the game or mention their favorite actresses.


Your Ex

One day, you’re bound to be stuck in a situation where you, your man, and your ex are in the same room. Your boyfriend might act awkward, or overprotective of you. He might be rude, or suddenly get quiet. Don’t blame him for the way he handles the situation. How would you like to run into his ex? It’s not an ideal scenario for either one of you.


His Pet

You know what they say about man’s best friend. If you want to see him at his cutest, watch him play with his pet. Chances are you’ll hear him use his baby voice and watch him cuddle. Pets aren’t judgmental, so he feels free to be as affectionate as he wants. Just don’t get jealous!


Attractive Women

Even though he loves you, he’ll act foolishly around attractive women. He might smile at them differently, or subtly flirt with them. If he acts inappropriately, you need to have a discussion with him. If he just acts shy or giddy, there’s nothing you can do. He can’t help being attracted to other people. As long as he loves you, and does not act on his feelings, then you should stick with him.


Your Friends

Your boyfriend will want to impress your family and friends, even if he’s not fond of them. He knows that their opinion matters to you. He doesn’t want them to talk badly about him, and somehow convince you that you’re better off without him. He’ll be on his best behavior when he’s around the people you care about. He wants to prove that he’s worthy of your greatness.

The people surrounding you determine the way you behave. His personality shouldn’t change completely, but he’ll act in slightly different ways around different people. Do you notice yourself altering your personality when placed in certain situations?

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when they are playing video games lol

ja I lol.. men are soooo weird. ..

When they could with their dog and not you<<<<

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I think my man acts pretty much the same even around his boss, and i've visited him at work on occasions! He needs to tone down the silliness!! I miss him when he plays his video games, its like we hardly talk when that happens!

That\'s funny I give my Love more respect I\'m front of my buddies rather than be all touchy. And I hate the last one I really do. I tried that hahahaha and if they don\'t like you then they never really will. So I guess in the beginning that\'s fine but later on its just a waste of time and money LoL

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