15 Phrases πŸ—― That Are More Meaningful 😊 than Saying I Love You πŸ’˜ ...


The three most crucial words in a relationship are, "I love you" but there comes a point where I love you is worn out and you just need to hear something else that let's you know the other person cares. Thanks to puckermob.com, we've got 15 other phrases that mean more than I love you ever could sometimes.

1. "You Inspire Me."

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I want to know that I enable you to reach for the stars. That being with me gives you the support you need to face any challenge.

β€œI’ll Always Be There for You.”


Tiffany Kristin
My boyfriend is Puerto Rican and we say "para siempre". Which in English, means "forever". I'm in love 😍
Forever yours ❀️
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