7 Reasons Being Single Sucks ...

There are some great aspects to being single but no one can deny that there are certain things about it that are not fun! Here's guest contributor Rosie Maxwell with her list on why being single sucks!

Being single sucks. It really does! Despite how many times people try to tell you that it's fine, when you're single all you can think is, "what happened?" For all you ladies out there that need a little reminder or maybe to someone who wants to know how their friend is feeling right now, let me tell you why being single sucks.

1. You Feel Left out

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Being single sucks because...when all your friends in relationships are on group dates you know you aren't going to be invited, and if you are, you know it's out of pity. Also, even when it's not a group date but you know everyone is going to be with their SO, you decide not to go because you feel like you are 'third wheeling it.'

2. The PITY

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I hate when people pity me, just like others hate when their Aunt Martha squeezes their cheek. It feels demeaning and also brings your single status back to your mind.

3. Blind Dates/Being Set up

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Being single sucks because like me, most people have friends that try to either send you off to a blind date or whisper, "Hey if you think he's cute I'll get his number for you." First of all if I think someone's cute I will gladly talk to him on my own. Secondly, I would prefer to choose my future BF on my own. Can any of my single sisters agree?

4. My Family

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I don't know about your family, but in my family, once you reach a certain age they start to wonder if you're going to be an 'old maid.' Once they start thinking tha, they freak out and go back to #3........yay?

5. "I Wish I Was Single."

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I hate that phrase.... I hate it. First of all if you wish you were single then why are you dating someone?! Secondly, don't bash on you own relationship just to make someone feel better because most likely it is just going to p*** them off.

6. The Questions

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"How are you still single?" "But, but you are soooooo pretty." "Wow those guys are SUCH fools." Stop. It is not comforting.

7. Being Single is a Choice

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Whether you choose to be single or whether you were kind of pushed into it, being single is your own CHOICE. Don't let people make you feel guilty or lesser than them just because you are single.

I hope this is helpful. To the people who are in a relationship, to the people single by choice, to the single ladies out there who needed someone to understand how THEY feel for a change. I know being single sucks and I know that being single can be pretty awesome too if you think about. So let's raise a glass.... of root beer... to all our single and relationship laden ladies out there.

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