Signs You'll Know It is True Love ...


Signs You'll Know It is True Love ...
Signs You'll Know It is True Love ...

Looking for signs it is true love? If you are the kind of person who absolutely revels in playing the dating game, then it might be fair to say that the thrill of meeting somebody new and the rush of excitement and passion that you get from making a new romantic connection can often be overwhelming, so overwhelming that you often end up confusing lust with love. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good bit of lust in one’s life, but when you mistake it for love, then that is where things can start to get a little complicated. You end up with mixed messages, confusion and hurt feelings. If you are currently trying to navigate a similar situation, then here are some classic signs it is true love.

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photograph, black, person, black and white, emotion, You suddenly realise that the feelings you have for this guy are totally unconditional. The little flaws and habits that have turned you off of a thousand guys before don’t seem to be dimming the passion in any way at all. That’s when you know it is the real thing! This is one of the best signs it is true love.


Doing Things to Make Him Happy

white, photograph, black, black and white, monochrome photography, All of a sudden, you are the kind of girl who stays up until 3am on a work night trying to finish off a birthday cake that you have lovingly prepared by hand for his 30th birthday. When in the world did you do this kind of thing before? Oh, that’s right, never!


Slow Burn

interaction, girl, blood, zombie, aggression, The initial burst of lust might not have been there with him, but for some reason, your soul and your heart told you to keep going, and what you received in return is a kind of slow burn that you never experienced before, one that you know is 100% legit and forever.


Shifting Care Balance

neck, muscle, interaction, girl, barechestedness, Do you find yourself caring more about his happiness than you do about your own? That is because you have reached a stage of love where as long as he is happy, you are happy, and if you examine it more closely, it is probably the exact same for him too!


Implicit Trust

person, kiss, black and white, monochrome photography, nose, There is no more getting up in the middle of the night to check text messages, no more interrogation about which ‘mates’ he went out with last night, just total, blissful trust that lets you know he is the one.


Endless Conversation

photograph, mode of transport, car, interaction, snapshot, You will know that it is true love when you feel the urge to tell him every little thing that has happened to you. You don’t save the big moments just to impress, no, you want to give him every single detail about your life and have him be involved in all areas.



human hair color, blond, mouth, girl, finger, You find that you have become his own personal cheerleader, especially when the two of you are around friends and family. You want to make him see just how great he is, and you wouldn’t be doing that if you weren’t truly in love with him.


Feels like Home

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, interaction, It doesn’t matter where you are, it could be at your place or at his place, the important thing is that whenever you are together, it feels like home. This is a classic sign of having found the one.


No Effort

girl, interaction, kiss, love, romance, Unlike your past relationships, this one seems to be completely effortless. It’s not that you aren’t trying to make things work, but it’s more that you just feel like it is completely natural, and you are totally in sync when it comes to relationship decisions.


No Judgement

hair, human hair color, lady, beauty, hairstyle, No matter what you do or no matter what kind of questionable decisions you make, there is never any feeling of judgment. We all make mistakes, and the sign of true love is that you can move past them without letting them become grudges.


Accepting Flaws

photograph, black, black and white, darkness, monochrome photography, You were never somebody who could sit back and accept flaws before, but that is clearly because you hadn’t met the right person yet and your mind was telling you so! With him, his flaws don’t feel like anything bad at all, because you can see finally that his bigger picture presence in your life is much more important than forgetting to put down the toilet seat sometimes!

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