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Girls Guide to Blowing His Mind by Sexting with Just Emojis ...

By Lyndsie

We live in a fast-paced world, so we have to multitask a lot and speed up all sorts of processes. It's all about efficiency. Sexting made flirtation and dirty talk very efficient – emojis make it even easier. Straight up, this is a post solely devoted to sexting using nothing more than your fierce emoji game. It gets a little crude, but I don't think anything is technically NSFW.

1 Keep It Simple, Sexy: 👉 + 👌

person, meal, you, useemojis, KEEPING, This is as simple as it gets, plus it's pretty straightforward, so hopefully you don't have to worry about the recipient completely misunderstanding you.

2 Or Add Some Romance: 👉 + 👌+ 😍

mobile phone, text, gadget, feature phone, mobile device, If you want to be a little more romantic about it, all it takes is a heart or two – throw in a kiss, a glass of wine, and a rose if you really want to take it to the next level.

3 Take It Slow: 💋 💋 🐢

person, athlete, You, need, emoji,, This one is actually super clever – it's all about slow kisses, and it also serves as an excellent reminder that foreplay is everything and making out is awesome.

4 When It Ain't Hump Day: 🐪?

photo shoot, pattern, formal wear, Who, are, When you want to be blunt and to the point, all it takes as a camel – because a camel has humps, get it?

5 An Invitation to Dine out: 👅 + 🌮

person, hairstyle, chest, I know, that's kind of vulgar, and I'd apologize, but I mean … when you're sexting with emojis, it stands to reason that you're going to have to get a little obvious and crass sometimes.

6 The Second Base Invitation: ✊ + 💦

Lilian Baylis Technology School, mobile phone, gadget, feature phone, telephony, You know, for when you don't really want to put forth a ton of effort or go too far, but the idea of a handy-j is pretty cool

7 A Sweet Shower Scene: 🚿 + 💋 = 🔥

person, profession, document, Community, Granted, an emoji sext can be crass, but thanks to the enormous variety of emojis at your fingertips, you can be surprisingly sweet with your invitation.

8 When You Want Candy: 👅 + 🍭

black, white, person, black and white, woman, You can also be a little sassy – well, a lot sassy, you're being pretty sassy when you offer to lick someone like a lollipop … or when you ask someone to do it to you.

9 Offer a Little Oral Pleasure: 👅 + 🍆

cartoon, HLIA8HEN, Nothing wrong with asking for or offering a bit of fellatio, right?

10 Experiment with Something New: 💋 + 🍑 + 🍌?

person, mobile device, What, are, you, Asking for something as next-level as anal sex seems far less threatening and scary when you do it this way, don't you think?

11 The PG Version of a Dick Pic: 🐓

person, biology, profession, professional, If you really want to be straight up and go right to the point, a rooster will definitely do it.

12 The Perfect Night: 🐓 + 🌮 + 🛏

blond, woman, lip, mouth, singing, Some great sex and then a restful night's sleep – is there anything better than that?

13 A Bathtub Rendezvous: 🛁 + 🌮 + 🍆

person, facial expression, human action, blond, classroom, Okay, but tell me something, is there any other emoji for the vagina, or do you just have to use a peach for the butt and the cookie?

14 Seriously Setting the Scene: 🍷 + 🎼 + 🌇 + 🌹

person, profession, ess, If Heather sent me this, I think I'd screenshot it and save it forever.

15 Straight and to the Point: ♋️

person, Sometimes, you just want what you want, and what you want is so simple that you only need a single, crystal clear emoji.

16 For My Girls: 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 + 🌮 + 👅

person, profession, religion, WELL, YOU, Actually, I could write an entire post on lesbian-friendly emoji sexts.

17 For My Guys: 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 + 🍆 + 👅

person, man, Citytv, possible, sexually, Same.

But how about you? Share your favorite emoji sext codes!

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