9 Signs He is Being Shady ...


Are you looking for signs he is shady because your man is acting a little sketchy? Well girls, if you think that your guy is being shady, it might be high time that you look for signs he is shady! Below, I've got the top 9 signs he is shady and that maybe you should call him on it!

1. Hides His Phone

While everyone in the world has the right to hide their phone, if you've been in a relationship with someone for a while and suddenly, he starts to hide his phone from you. It's absolutely a sign he is shady! After all, what could he possibly have in his phone that might affect you?

Locks His Computer


Nicole Marie
My new boyfriend of 3 months is starting to act super sketchy... Never texting me back and when he does it takes hours and when I ask why he has a bs excuse. I have asked him to stop ignoring my texts...
My husband has always been pretty clingy to his phone. He recently went through a 30 day rehab stint and I wanted to make sure he wasn't falling off the wagon. Well when he was in the bathroom the oth...
Heather Jensen
Hi Lauren! Have you tried to talk to him about it? Honestly, it does sound really shady.
So, I'm 19 weeks pregnant. Here recently my fiance has been acting very strange. He's been Buying new suits, new cologne, using gel in his hair, working out, dieting. Now he's not a big guy. About 5'...
Heather Jensen
Hey Joanne! That does seem like he is being a little shady. Have you talked to him about it? He shouldn't get mad at you for hanging out with your friends!
Heather Jensen
Hello JoAnne! How can I help?
JoAnne Bernaddette Dixon
help me...
i already talk with him face to face about that but he seem want to ignore what i want to ask him... he always remind me that i cant do that,i cant do this... if i went out with my friend ( girl &...
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