15 Warning Signs You Need to Watch for to Know if He's Just Using You ...


15 Warning Signs You Need to Watch for to Know if  He's Just Using You ...
15 Warning Signs You Need to Watch for to Know if  He's Just Using You ...

Some signs he is using you can be right out in the open, but you might not know it! If you have a feeling that he is using you, it might not be a healthy relationship to be in. Below, I've got the top signs he is using you for your money, for sex or even just for a place to crash. Ladies, you deserve better than just someone using you!

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You Pay Every Time You Go out

person,lady,beauty,girl,model, Even though the guy is supposed to pay in the beginning, you constantly find yourself paying for every single thing when you two go out. Does that seem to be the case with your relationship? That's definitely one of the top signs he is using you. While it's okay to split the bill, you shouldn't constantly be pulling your wallet out to pay all of the time.


He's Only Available when He Needs Something from You

hair,color,human hair color,red,face, What about his availability? Do you constantly find that he isn't available unless he needs something from you? This is definitely a sign he is using you. After all, don't you want a guy that is going to be available when you need him to be? Not just when he needs you?


Financially Dependent on You

20th Century Fox,hair,facial expression,face,person, Not only do you pay for everything, but he is actually financially dependent on you. He expects you to pay all of the bills that you two have, no questions asked. He doesn't even contribute to the monthly bills that he has racked up with you. This is a sign he is using you and you shouldn't stand for it!


You Are His Convenience

brown hair,black hair,screenshot, Are you constantly finding yourself his convenience for a ride or for an 'allowance'? That should never be the case when you are in a mature relationship. Everything should be even; you should never be someones 'convenience'.


Emotional Blackmail

color,hair,red,person,image, Is your boyfriend constantly blaming you for things that go wrong in his life? Does he constantly say that it is your fault that he doesn't have a job or any direction? This is a sign that he is using you girls, and you shouldn't stand for it!


He Never Buys You Anything

hair,face,person,nose,photography, Do you constantly buy him things, but he's never, ever gotten you something back? Does he ever buy you anything? That's a sign ladies. After all, shouldn't your boyfriend buy you some things sometimes?


He Doesn't Need You for Anything but Things That He Needs

hair,human hair color,blond,face,hairstyle, Does your boyfriend not take into account your needs? Maybe it'd be nice once in a while for him to pick you up, instead of you constantly picking him up. Does he not take any of your needs into account when he makes decisions? It's a sign girls!


He Never Takes Your Feelings into Consideration

black,black and white,photography,monochrome photography,monochrome, Does your boyfriend take any of your feelings into account? Does he even think about how his actions affect you? This could be a sign he is using you ladies!


He Only Comes Home at Night

hair,face,person,photography,brown hair, Once you see a pattern that your partner comes home late at night, it is a sure red flag in your relationship. Although it is typical for some men to come back late after a night with friends, usually this as a frequent and cyclical pattern can only mean that he wants you for one thing only. And that doesn't include anything along the lines of emotional bonding.


He Never Takes You out in Public

hair,face,beauty,blond,hairstyle, Dating, especially at its early stages, should not be done in secret unless there are extreme circumstances. Your partner should feel comfortable being seen with you, no matter the time or day. However, if he insists on a private relationship, you know that it will be doomed sooner or later.


He Never Goes through with Your Plans

hair,person,nose,photography,girl, If a men is interested in getting to know you, he will put in every effort in order to see you and get the chance to talk to you. Therefore if you notice that your partner doesn't seem to care about spending time together, his relationship with you may be due to an ulterior motive.


When you talk about plans and his eyes glaze over, it's a red flag. A man fully engaged in a relationship looks forward to creating memories together. Consistently flaking out or showing a lack of enthusiasm about the dates you set is more than a tell-tale sign—it's a siren blaring the message that you might not be his priority. It's important to assess whether he's truly invested in this connection or just keeping you as an option for convenience.


He is Not Interested in YOU

face,person,nose,beauty,mouth, Once you realize that your partner has no interest in getting to you as a person and what you stand for, you know that he can't possibly be genuine about his feelings toward you. After all if his interest doesn't lie in you, unfortunately he might be using you for something else.


When a partner shows little concern for your thoughts, feelings, or well-being, it's a glaring red flag. Consider the conversations you have: are they all about him, or does he genuinely ask about your day and listen to what you have to say? Reciprocity in a relationship is key, and without it, you might just be an audience to his one-man show. Whether it be for emotional gratification, financial convenience, or simply a placeholder until something 'better' comes along, you deserve someone who loves you for you — this just isn’t it.


He Doesn't Plan on Introducing You to Friends or Family

person,mouth,finger,FOX41,WDRB, We all know that the next step in a serious relationship is meeting the friends and the family. However, if your partner never comes around to it and keeps changing the subject, you know that he doesn't see a future nor does he plan it with you. If he doesn't take the relationship seriously, he will have no intention of bringing you into his inner circle.


Your Gut is Warning You

hair,human action,beauty,hairstyle,long hair, Sometimes when your head says one thing and your heart says another, you have to listen to your gut. You might have doubts about your other half for a reason and it only makes sense to explore them to ensure the validity of those feelings. If you feel that something is not right, don't just ignore what your gut is telling you because believe it or not, sometimes everything is not what it seems.


There is No Emotional Connection

color,facial expression,face,hair,person, If there is no emotional connection between two people, the only reason for the existence of a relationship between them is purely based on selfish interests. Think about it, if there is no emotional and psychological link between two people, the only thing that is anchoring them to each other are physical needs or selfish motives.

Ladies, if you see any of these signs he is using you, it isn't a healthy relationship. So girls, have you ever been in a relationship that had any of these signs he is using you?


When it comes to relationships, it is important to be aware of any signs that could indicate that someone is using you. Some signs of being used include a lack of emotional connection, a one-sided relationship, and a lack of respect.

If there is no emotional connection between two people, then the relationship is likely based on selfish interests or physical needs. This type of relationship is not healthy and should be avoided.

Another sign of being used is if the relationship is one-sided. This could be evidenced by the other person not reciprocating effort or time spent in the relationship. If you are the only one putting in the work, then it is likely that the other person is taking advantage of you.

Finally, a lack of respect is another warning sign that someone is using you. This could include the other person not considering your feelings or needs. If the other person is not respectful or considerate, then it is likely that they are taking advantage of you.

It is important to be aware of any warning signs that someone is using you. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it is best to reassess the relationship and determine if it is healthy or not.

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hi everyone i have a question, open to any answers.. i dated this guy back in middle school from what i thought we were madly in love with eachother. 4 years go by i gained a bit of weight and we found eachother on facebook we always tells me to go over his house, at first i would refuse then i went one time and we had sex and it felt like we really connected after that i kept texting him and he always says " he is busy " and everytime i asked him how he feels about me now, he always avoids it or says he is confused? am i just just his bootycall or might he just really be confused about us or maybe my weight gain is affecting him? i did gain a bit of weight.. its hard i dont know what to think anymore please any advice?

If he's "homeless" leave him where you found him because chances are he's only with you because he has nowhere to go. I know this sounds quite harsh but there are people who survive by using others. They have creatively found ways to live off people emotions by knowing who to target & exactly what to say & when. If he doesn't want to keep seeing you outside of your home he's not worth seeing at all.

Sounds like marriage from a males point of view!

I have a guy that I really like and we've been "together" for 4 days now so far. But yesterday, and today, he sees me yet NEVER goes to walk with me, hugs me, anything. Now he hardly replies to me. I won't take that into deep account, for I know that people become busy. But I don't know whether to answer yes or no to the "are you single" question.

What you allow will continue.

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