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7 Signs He's 100 Interested in You ...

By Lauren

Your eyes meet across a room. You think you saw a spark. But you’re not sure. Was it just a trick of the light or is he as interested in you as you are in him? And what if you’ve already opened up the channels of communication? Is he just being friendly or is there a romantic interest? How do you tell?

1 He’s Always around

One of the most obvious signs he’s interested in you is that, well, he seems to be wherever you are! If he is turning up at nearly all of the parties and social gatherings that you are and you just so happen to spend a lot of time talking to each other through night, then it might be something a little more than coincidence. Test the waters - see just how many random or planned gatherings he will turn up to just because you have said you’ll be there!

2 His Posture

Body language can be a big give away, and one of the most typical tell tale signs of romantic interest in a man is when he stands to talk to you with his hands on his hips or his thumbs in his belt loops. This pose signifies a mixture of confidence in the situation as well as a primal sign of sexual interest in whomever he is facing. Though some people take this kind of body language for rudeness, it definitely means the opposite!


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3 Eye Contact

Many people believe that eye contact is a big giveaway in terms of telling if somebody is interested in you. Keeping steady eye contact during a conversation means a number of things, most importantly that he is really paying attention to what you have to say and that his eyes are not wandering across to any other women in the room. You know that you have his full attention!

4 His Smile

A smile is always a positive thing, but in the case of a man being interested in a woman, it is a sign that he’s not trying to cool or stand offish, playing a game of hard to get, but that he simply really enjoys your company and doesn’t want to waste time playing cat and mouse when he can skip all of that and display his interest right away.

5 Body Contact

Have you noticed that he tends to touch your arm while you are talking or brush past you a little closer than usual when you pass each other? These little moments of body contact can be interpreted at micro signals that he is more interested in you than on a strictly friends basis. If you want to be sure, start to reciprocate some of these gestures and see how he responds.

6 Light Teasing

This seems to be something that men learn in the playground as boys and never fully manage to rid themselves of! If he takes delight in a little light teasing then you can be pretty confident that he is interested in you. After all, if a guy genuinely didn’t like you, why would he bother interacting with you at all? His playful jibes are an invitation to some more mature socializing between the two of you.

7 Mirroring Technique

Have you noticed that he sometimes almost copies what you do or say? Or mirrors in his body language the way you are sitting or walking? This is a classic sign of romantic interest called the mirroring technique, it’s an almost uncontrollable thing that both men and women do when they are really into someone. So don’t get annoyed that he is copying you; enjoy that fact that he’s super interested!

Your turn now! What telltale signs do you look for to know if a man is interested in you?

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