7 Undeniable Signs You like Him for More than His Looks❣️ ...


Men are often stereotyped as being shallow and valuing a woman's looks above her other qualities. They're not alone, however, as women can be just as focused on a man's physical appeal. Looks are certainly part of the package when it comes to being attracted to someone, but their inner qualities are much more important. So how can you be sure you're attracted to the real man and not just his appearance? Here's how to tell if you like him for more than his looks …

1. Just Talking to Him Makes You Feel Good

Does it make you feel good when you're talking to him, especially when you're talking on the phone? Does the sound of his voice cheer you up? This is a sign that you're not just focused on his appearance. You're drawn to his personality as well as his looks, and he makes you feel good.

You Can Imagine a Future with Him


Personality is key and his looks are a bonus. And he ticks both
Beverly Rodrigues
his jokes are so good and original 👌🏼👌🏼
Beverly Rodrigues
omg so tru
Romina Calleja
As longest he treats me right then I don't care about his looks if he smells good too then we good to go
MsJudy Alba
If u will end up to a man who's Mr.Perfect meaning ur one lucky girl. I don't see that there's something wrong if u will end up with a guy that looks like Shrek as long as that guy has a good qualitie...
Looks r importsnt but seroisly I wouldnt stay with a guy who is good looking but scts like a jerk. Beside they say lov is blind.
Conditional Lover
Omg😭😭 I totally agree looks matter
peony blue
Hahahha nothing wrong if u like a guy for his looks alone
Sasa Fab
Looks matter... I have to think about the kids.
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