7 Undeniably Horrifying Signs You're Dating a Narcissist ...


7 Undeniably Horrifying Signs You're Dating a Narcissist ...
7 Undeniably Horrifying Signs You're Dating a Narcissist ...

If you want to know if you are dating a narcissist, it first helps to really understand what a narcissist is. Narcissism is far more than arrogance and vanity. It is actually a mental condition recognized by psychologists. People with narcissistic personality disorder are characterized as being self-obsessed, dangerously manipulative, charming, and showing a lack of empathy for others. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a perfect date - not!

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Charming and Confident

Unfortunately, narcissists can be very attractive. I bet if any girl were to name off characteristics of a man she was interested in dating, charm and confidence would rank high on the list. These are also two main traits of a narcissist, making it hard to avoid dating such people.


Large Group of Friends

Popularity is cool. But we have to wonder, are these really friends or are they little minions? Narcissists are interested in just any type of friend. What they really want are people who will look up to them and idolize them. Pay attention to how the one you are dating interacts with their friends. If the friends are constantly stroking his ego, you might be in for trouble.


Lack of Boundaries

It is no secret that a narcissist doesn’t care for rules or limits. They see these things as challenges, not safety precautions. It is likely this behavior will affect relationships too. If you aren’t into someone who will push your limits then walk away now.


History of Bad Breakups

Ask your man about his past relationships. Why did he and his ex break up? What about the one before that? If you start to see a pattern of messy relationships that end with dramatic breakups, you might be dating a narcissist.


Control Issues

Narcissists like to control everything. I bet that kind of control is draining. They have a plan for everything and don’t deal well when things don’t go as they had hoped. Man, can you imagine raising a family with someone who has extreme control issues? Here’s a secret: babies don’t care about your plans. They have their own and they win.


Lack of Emotions

In general, narcissists lack emotion. They find them to be a sign of weakness. If you are an emotional person, a narcissist will not be able to relate to your feelings on any level and will find your behavior annoying and confusing. Also, because they lack emotions, don’t expect them to care much about how you feel.


OverPowers Conversations

Are you a mute? If you are, this might be a perfect set up for you because you may never get the chance to talk again. However, if you like to have an interactive two-way conversation then forget this guy. He likes to talk about himself too much to care about what you have to say.

These are just some traits of a narcissist. Don’t think you can change these characteristics about a person or that it will get better with time. I promise you it won’t. Forget this man’s charm and move on. There are far better guys to date than a narcissist.

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Wow it's what I'm currently going through now and I want out !!!!im scared ,,,;( he's worse than everything mentioned!!

I have met the most amazing man and after 9 months, he finally broke up with his GF (only because she found out about me) 😔. However, two months later, he has a conversation with me entailing a talk he and his friend had about him being a narcissist. I am so nervous and scared to be in love with someone like this and showing all the behavior traits!! Not to mention, I broke off my engagement cause I'm in love with this person! My gut is hurting!!!!!!!!!!

I once had a boyfriend who could not resist admiring and checking out his appearance in even a car wheel cover let alone any mirror he saw. That 's my idea of narcissism ! They just fall in love with themselves!

I have been with my partner 2 years we both have a child each from previous relationships but they have no idea about there biological parents. Its just the 4 of us. My son worships the ground he walks on. My partner has many issues that no one else is aware of. He is certainly a narcissist. I can not put up with it any longer. I have deep depression due to all of this, of course he does not understand any of this which causes problems in its self. We have a joint tenency on our house. He spends all the money so im getting in debt with bills too. He also has a bit of an alcohol problem on top of all the other things. Ive packed and told him i am leaving many times but he thinks i will never follow it through. I dont have the money to get my own place to live. So im kinda stuck in this hell hole. He says ALL the right things like i need to change or i will loose you and the kids has a few good days and then back to how he was before. I just dont know how to leave or where to go. 😢 i cant handle any more hurt my little boy and me are both suffering i wish he could just step up. I went out alone once and still to this day i grt accused of cheating that day so ive not done anything my self since, yet he says he trusts me... i hate how it is at the moment. My son lives with my dad and my other halfs problems means i see my son less and less when he is around. If he goes i can have my son back. I just have no idea how to get out with out making my self homeless and breaking my sons heart he is nearly 4 at the end of October.

Wow that's all the traits this guy I used to have a crush on have 😐

Exactly move on...

Sounds familiar lol.

4 years of wasted time with a narcissist. You cannot change them. They will continue to hurt the people closest to them and not give a damn no matter what they say.

I agree with most of what you said, but you shouldn't out them to others. My father has BPD, and I have severe depression and anxiety, which is possibly bi polar disorder, (I have to track everything on a calendar for a year to be sure), and I would HATE if someone told people who I only just met. My ex told all his friends about my personal mental health issues, and I told him to stop, but he told everyone, if I took 3 seconds to decide what kind of dinner I wanted, he'd tell the waiter I have severe anxiety and go into detail about what it is. So I left, but we had tons of friends in common and it was incredibly difficult to find someone, I am all for telling my partner, but I want to do it and not have it be a negative thing, which mental illnesses often get stigmatised as. They are not awful, and once you find the person who understands or at least tries to, it can easily work out in a relationship. But if you go into that relationship with the thought that the other person is crazy and is going to be hard to handle, its doomed. After the guy that spilled my life every 5 seconds, I dated a friend who I told, but he had already knew, and he only thought about the horror stories he's heard about "crazy people" in the news, I was doing extremely well at the time, and had everything in my life under control, but he'd ask me if I was depressed if I didn't want to do anything and would (not intentionally in a rude way) threaten to call the hospital and get me committed. But after I met new people, and explained myself how it works and they heard the truth and not exaggerated examples or stories, it worked. I've had two very successful relationships since, one only ended because I don't want children and he did, and I'm in one now with a lovely girl who completely understands, and didn't listen to the stigma around mental health issues. Even if your warning is online and not directed at someone, its still negativity stigmatising mental health disorders. People with BPD and npd can function fully, and even have successful relationships. There's a guy in my hospital who comes in every week for therapy with npd, and he has a wife and a baby on the way, and his whole life he was in committed relationships, and yes, when shit hits the fan he stresses and blames others, but his wife gets that he can't control that, because it's a chemical imbalance in his brain, not something intentional. I may have felt a bit too personal over your response, and I really apologize for that, but I have been on the other side of that "warning" and it made me miserable. You can't take away a chance at a relationship with someone just because (and I don't want this to sound like an attack, because it's hard and there's only a handful of people willing and wanting to do it) that can handle and love people with these types of disorders, but they need to find out themselves, and not have (what could be realistic or exaggerated) negative expectations going into the relationship. It's not always going to fail. But it's like if you get told to try the milk because someone thinks it tastes funny, you're going to taste a funny taste because you were expecting it to be negative. I deal with people with mental health disorders every day, and I've seen professionally and personally how even just a bit of googling can ruin a healthy at least decently happy relationship, and it's horrible for them. So even though you think you're protecting the person going in, you're hurting the person indirectly in something (even those with npd need companionship, even if they aren't happy) crucial to human life, and in what with most cases lead to depression or even suicide unfortunately, even in people who don't feel the need for love, or for those who don't care about others, lack of human companionship is easily the worst thing for any human.

After 2 years of putting up with his silent treatments, discarding and coming back. Telling me things I want to hear and then hurting me. I finally said I am done. I have gone no contact for 4 weeks and it was and still is hard but I am already starting to feel better about myself.

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