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15 Signs Your Marriage is Not Worth Fighting for ...

By Sici

When it comes to marriage, society has imposed the attitude that no matter what sort of problems you are going through with your spouse, it is always best to try to work through it and sort things out. Of course, in terms of minor squabbles and misunderstandings, it might be the right idea to come to a compromise, but we all know that some problems are too broken to be fixed. Here are the most telling signs your marriage is not worth fighting for.

1 You Have Gotten to a Point Where You Actually Feel Unsafe in Your Partner’s Presence

It’s not about love anymore, it’s about personal safety and security.

2 They Cheated on You

It is one the biggest betrayals a marriage can suffer, and around nine times out of ten there is no way back from that.


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3 You Simply Aren’t Attracted to Them Anymore

You can’t spend the rest of your life for someone you have no feelings for.

4 You Can’t Seem to Find Common Ground on Any Subject Anymore, Whether Big or Small

Every day feels like a pointless battle with no compromise in sight.

5 All of the Progress You Think You Are Making is One Sided

Your partner isn’t trying to change, and they aren’t interested in making you happy anymore.

6 You No Longer Have Any Shared Interests

It has reached the point where it genuinely feels like you are living with a stranger.

7 There is Too Much Distrust in Your Relationship

Even if you did patch things up one more time, there would never be a feeling of security in the marriage again.

8 There Are Certain Things That Have Happened in the Marriage That You Just Can’t Look past

They would always be in the back of your mind, festering and bubbling.

9 There is an Addiction Problem in One or Both of You

When substance abuse is involved in the marriage, it can turn people into completely different versions of themselves, and everything goes toxic.

10 You Aren’t Getting or Feeling the Emotional Support That You Believe a Spouse Should Provide

People don’t realise it, but a bad marriage can be an incredibly lonely thing.

11 Your Partner is Manipulative beyond the Point of No Return

You feel like they actually see your more as a pet to be ordered around than a human equal.

12 You Can’t Shake the Feeling That You Are Just Longing to Be Single

You dream and daydream about all the things you can do without your partner.

13 You Are No Longer Each Other’s Priority

When you find that you care more about other people than you do your spouse, it’s a sign to call it a day.

14 You Can No Longer Understand Their Perspective, or Vice Versa

People change over time, not always in to people that their spouses like!

15 You Are the One Who is Doing All the Work to Try to save the Relationship

If your partner isn’t making any effort, then you need to ask yourself, why are you even bothering in the first place?

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