9 Signs It's Time to Let Go of a Relationship ...


9 Signs It's Time to Let Go of a Relationship ...
9 Signs It's Time to Let Go of a Relationship ...

When you are searching for signs it's time to let go of a relationship, it can be hard to face the harsh reality that your relationship is over and that you want out of it. In my last relationship, I constantly was looking for signs it's time to let go of a relationship, but I didn't want to admit it to myself. If you feel like you are stuck, don't worry! I've got the top signs you should be watching out for in the ways of letting a relationship go.

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No Love

Do you remember that feeling of love and all of the butterflies that you experienced in the beginning? Do you feel that anymore? This is one of the signs it's time to let go of a relationship. You should always feel like you are in love with your partner. You never should feel like you could be drawn to someone else or that your connection is not strong at all – and that it is constant. Relationships go through ups and downs, but you shouldn't experience this feeling all of the time.


You Constantly Look at Other People

While some couples are constantly pulling their eyes to someone else, they don't often dream of being with someone else or dream of not being with their partner. If you are constantly looking at other people because you aren't attracted to your partner anymore, you've got to think about that!


No Interest in Resolving Things

Resolving the hardships in your relationship is pretty important and it is common in every relationship, but if you have absolutely no reason to resolve any problems in your relationship, why are you in it? Relationships are bumpy and hard and you've got to be ready for that. If you aren't and you don't want to think about the hard times, it might be time to end your relationship.


You Dream of Breaking up

Most often, when you are seriously considering breaking up but you haven't done it yet, you dream of breaking up. You often think that it would be easier to not be with your partner and that you'd rather be with someone else or by yourself. These are thoughts that are normal in some instances, but if you are experiencing these all of the time, it's hard!


You Want to Be with Someone else

Ah, so you've not only been dreaming of breaking up with your partner but you actually want to be with someone else – that's another sign you should let your current relationship go. You shouldn't be playing with two people. If you do want to be with someone else, you should let your current partner find someone else that will make them happy.

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You Have Feelings for Someone else

This is different than just wanting to be with someone else. This is you actually having feelings for someone else. Have you ever expressed those feelings? Have they returned the feelings? These are questions that you've got to ask yourself before you end your relationship.



How do you feel toward your partner? Do you feel a bit resentful because you are in a relationship at all? Resentment is not a good feeling in a relationship and it can actually cause a lot of problems. If you're feeling resentful because you are in a relationship at all, it's time to end it.


You Want to Be Alone

Maybe you don't want to be with anyone at all and instead, you want to be by yourself. It's okay for you to want to be by yourself. You've just got to stop playing with the person you are currently with and let them know where your head it at.


You've Lost Yourself

Finally, you've completely and totally lost yourself and you almost don't recognize yourself at all. This is another thing that you've got to consider. You should be able to still be yourself while being in a relationship, remember that!

These are just a few of the many signs you've got to watch out for whenever you are thinking about letting go of your relationship. It's hard to say that it's over, but sometimes, it needs to be done. So, how many relationships have you been in that you've needed to end?

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But what if you love him but it's hard because it long distance?

I have been with my bf for 10 years since I was 20! We have grown sooo far apart. Totally different people now. We lived together for the last 7 years and for the last 2 it was like we were roommates:( I finally had the nerve to leave and move out, but now he's not letting go its so hard to just tell him it's over for now

It's hard for me cause I've been with him for 23 years and he's my first love we share 2 boys one is now 21 and are youngest is 10 I wasn't suppose to have kids I have endromentrois I spelled it wrong but I have no family I lost my mom when she was 41 and then losing my grandmother when I was 16 and she was my world and I thought she sent him to me to take away all my pain but any how now we aren't even friends anymore I don't feel like I'm still in love with him and that kills cause he's always been my best friend lover and a great dad but now I'm starting to feel anger and hate and on those questions I feel like 3 of them and have nobody to speak to I just lost my cousin in march and she was 33 so everyone I ever loved I've lost. He was always there and now its like we barely speak he lives in one part of the house and I feel like I can't even talk to him anymore and I wanna just like leave to basically to show him I can make it on my own but its hard cause I always thought we would be together forever but it's got to the part were when we fight he says hurtful things and words can't be taken back especially when I'm suppose to be the mother of your boys. And when I try to talk to him he won't talk it becomes an argument and he's been my everything and I just don't wanna feel like he's staying cause he feels bad cause he knows I have nobody but then I'm wondering do I go leave for a week or two and make him think I'm really going for good to see if he will wake up or maybe he don't love me anymore I could probably write a whole book or article on are relationship.

Been in a relationship is so hard and trying to break one up worst specially when there is kids involve. I've been with my kids father for 10 years and things keep getting worst and worst. I don't want to be n this relationship anymore, but I'm scare of how he's going to take it. Sometimes I feel he wants out too, I don't know all I know is that I want out.

All so true.

Yes good article

Omg that's what it's like for me ;( I had to do some hurtful things for him to leave but maybe try talking to him about it

Can someone help me with this? Ok, so I have been talking daily to this guy who goes to a different school for about two months, and we have gone on a few dates. But for the past few weeks, when I try talking to him, all I get is a message about 5hrs later saying- sorry I was busy. And just today another guy who goes to my school mssged me on fb, and we talke and he seems really into me. I don't know what to do because I really like the guy that goes to a different school, but I can't tell if he feels the same about me. And I don't want to waste my time trying to get him when there is this other guy who is actually talking to me....please help!?? :(

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