Signs 🚦 It's Time ⏰ to Walk Away 👋 from Your Relationship 💔 ...


Sometimes there are some signs it's time to walk away from your relationship. Leaving a relationship – whether it’s friendship or romantic – is never easy and sometimes it’s really difficult to know whether it’s simply time to close the book or whether it’s time to push through because the next chapter might just be what you’re looking for. Here are some definite signs it's time to end your relationship.

1. You’re Simply Exhausted

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Whether it’s emotionally, physically or mentally worn out, being exhausted constantly is just not right. All relationships take work but if your making you feel drained and exhausted it’s simply not healthy and is a red flag among the signs it's time to walk away from your relationship.

You Just Don’t Care


Then they beg for you back.. and make you feel guilty for your decision
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