6 Signs You're Not Ready to Date after Divorce ...


6 Signs You're Not Ready to Date after Divorce ...
6 Signs You're Not Ready to Date after Divorce ...

Are you ready to get back to dating after a divorce? You might think so, but there are some signs you're not ready to date after divorce and you need to pay attention to them.

How do you know? Where do you start? How does it happen? When should it happen? These are questions that many people that have been out of the dating world for a long time might have. This is completely normal. Know that you should really answer these questions yourself with some real thought and consideration before you start dating again.

Know who you are and of course what your expectations are. After a divorce, take the time to know YOURSELF. Believe me, this is important. If you're not ready to date after the big D, then don't force yourself because it's what society expects of you. Do it because you are READY.

If you're in the wading pool, stay there for awhile, get a feel for what's out there and then go a little further out. Don't run, walk. If you need to make this a marathon instead of a sprint then do so. It's not the end of the world. Don't look for too much too quickly, you'll be disappointed. You're not going to find Mr. Right today, tomorrow, or next week. Learn the signs you're not ready to date after a divorce before you sign up for Tinder. You've got to be ready first.

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You Are Not Ready to Date if You Are Still Married

Even though you're going through a divorce and are signing papers, legally you are still married and committed to someone else. If the ink hasn't dried on the certificate, this is one of the biggest signs you're not ready to date after a divorce. Why would you have the time or be in the mind set to date someone else? Don't "date" while you're married and live as if you're single. This is wrong on so many levels. If it's truly over, then END IT. If you are not ending it, ask yourself why it's not over.


You Are Not Ready to Date if You Still FEEL like You're Married

Maybe you're not ready to let go of that married feeling even after you've gone through a divorce. This is normal, especially for those who have been married for a long time. It's not easy to let go. Some people FEEL like they are cheating on their spouses even if they are divorced. If that's the case you are still emotionally invested. Take some more time to heal before hopping onto the dating train. You're not ready.


If You Haven't Been Divorced for a Year or Longer

If it hasn't been a year yet, you're not ready to date. Again, you are not emotionally invested and you have no self-awareness regardless of what you tell yourself. Sit it out for a little bit longer.


If You Are Not over a Lot of Generalizing then You Are Not Ready to Date

If you believe that all men and women are scum, then get off the dating bus because you're not ready. Stay home with a bucket of popcorn and some girlfriends and have a movie night with them instead. What happened in your life was unique to you and making generalizations on your date about the scumminess of men/women is not fair to your date.


If You Keep Bringing up Your EX on Your Date, You Are Not Ready to Date

No one wants to hear about someone else on their date, especially if that someone is an ex. Focus on getting to know your date and leave your baggage at home where it belongs. Once you get to know your date better and you both are able to delve into your lives, then bring up your divorce and where you are in your life, as well as your expectations. Your divorce does NOT define you.

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Are You Angry about Your Divorce Even Two Years Later?

If you're still angry, then you're not ready to date. Your anger is generalized, please believe that, and that means you might direct it at a new date. And it is misplaced. Don't go on a date with someone and take your anger out on them. It's completely unfair. Don't date if you are still angry about your divorce.

Everyone heals differently after a divorce. Some take longer than others. Know and recognize where you are on your path of healing and on your journey of dating. If you are ready, then GREAT. If you are not, take more time for yourself and heal. There is no timeline as to when to begin dating again. Dating will not erase your pain and anger, and in fact, it might fuel it instead. When you're ready, you'll know.

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