5 Telling Signs He's Not Your Soulmate ...


5 Telling Signs He's Not Your Soulmate ...
5 Telling Signs He's Not Your Soulmate ...

How do you spot the signs he is not your soulmate?

Finding a soulmate is something that many see as a goal in their romantic life. It’s incredible when you finally find that special person, but sometimes in an attempt to speed up the process, people can mistake a run-of-the-mill relationship for the kind of true love they are really looking for. It can be a confusing time when you think you have found the one, but start to doubt it. To help you see the light a little more quickly, here are five sure fire signs he is not your soulmate.

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No Sexual Chemistry

darkness, girl, night, midnight, scene, The start of any relationship can be filled with excitement and sexual tension, but if you have been together for more than the initial honeymoon period, and the sparks no longer fly, then this is a big indication that your feelings for him might have been more fleeting, and less long lasting that you thought. Sizzling hot chemistry never goes away with a true soulmate. If it does, then this is one of the signs he is not your soulmate.


He Isn’t Your Go-to Emergency Contact

human hair color, chin, cheek, girl, blond, A soulmate is somebody who you turn to in times of need, whether your problem be large or small. If your man isn’t the person who you think of calling first with good, bad, or emergency news, then he probably isn’t your soulmate. If you can face and solve emergencies without even thinking of him, then you can certainly live without him in a wider sense.


Awkward Silences

hair, human hair color, blond, eyebrow, girl, True soul mates can spend literally hours together sitting in silence and enjoying the presence of great company without having to make an effort. If you find that you and your partner go through periods of awkward silence that have to be broken up by random, uncomfortable small talk, then it doesn’t bode well for spending the rest of your lives together, does it?


You’d Rather Spend Time with Others

drink, alcoholic beverage, alcohol, stemware, wine glass, A sure fire way to know that he isn’t your soulmate is the fact that there are many other people who you'd rather spend quality time with. Whether it's friends, family, co-workers, or even pets, the fact that he is low on your priority list to spend time with should tell you all you need to know. Even more telling, is if you feel like you would also rather spend time on your own than out with him. This is an indicator that your soul needs a break, and some quality time to itself, rather than being forced to match his!


You’re Not a Team

black and white, product, public relations, font, When you find your soul mate, the two of you become an unbeatable, unbreakable team, doing everything together, covering for each other, a truly indestructible force. If it feels like you are playing against one another, rather than facing things as a team, then deep down inside you must know he’s not the forever guy for you.

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