7 Signs That Your Man Will Treat You Right in Bed ...


Some men are much better in bed than others. Cosmopolitan knows how to tell the difference. If the following things are true, then he's definitely going to treat you right in bed:

1. He's Stocked for Lady Company

He's Stocked for Lady Company

Does he have a lot of pads and tampons at his place? Then he knows what you need, even outside of the bedroom.

He Doesn't Need to Brag about or Talk up His Sexual Prowess​


Yes... HE IS!!! Doesn't have tampons or pads though...
Tampons and pads? Seriously? Leftover from his string of women no doubt. And other women brag about him? WTF? Who wants an alley cat as a boyfriend?
I really don't get the Tampons and pads part, like seriously show me a man that does that? Stop misleading us
LOL if a man had pads and tampons at his house I'd question more than his performance in the sack. Thumbs down.
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