Be Aware of These Signs That You Are Too Emotionally Dependent on Your Partner ...

By Suzy

What are the signs you are too emotionally dependent on your partner?

Relationships are emotional things – there are lots of feelings involved and that’s how it is. However, there is a line that separates a loving, healthy relationship, and one where one partner is unhealthily dependent on the other. Here are some signs you are too emotionally dependent on your partner.

1 You Panic if You Can’t See Him

One of the signs you are too emotionally dependent on your partner is if you freak out if you don't get to see him. If you had plans with him and for some reason they fall through, you’re panicked by it because you feel like you needed to see him. Obviously it’s disappointing, but it shouldn’t severely knock you.

2 You Don’t Think You Need Me Time

Everyone needs some alone time – you need to do your own thing and enjoy your own company. If you want to spend all your time with your partner and don’t allow yourself me time, that’s a sign you’re too dependent.

3 You Need Constant Reassurance from Him

Everyone likes to hear that they’re loved and told that they’re beautiful, but if you find you have no self-confidence or belief in the relationship unless your partner is reassuring you, that’s not a healthy sign.

4 You Feel like You Don’t Need Anyone else

Everyone needs friends and family as well as a partner. You should never neglect important people in your life because you have the mentality that your partner is all you need. He has a life outside of you, and you should have one too.

5 You Couldn’t Cope if He Ended It

No one wants to go through a breakup – they’re horrible. At the same time, they’re not the end of the world. But If the thought of your partner leaving you terrifies you, and even sets you off thinking dark thoughts, you may be too emotionally dependent on him and the relationship.

If you’re experiencing any of these thoughts or emotions, talk to your partner or someone else who can help – it will make for a healthier relationship in the long run.

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