Warning 🚨 Signs You're Just a Fling πŸ’‹ for Girls Who Don't Want Heartbreak πŸ’” ...

Being a player in the endless dating game can be super fun, but it can also be super depressing and dispiriting if you develop feelings for someone only to realise that you have completely misjudged the signs and the status of the relationship. There are definitely some signs you're just a fling that you should be watching out for.

It is a human flaw to jump into things too quickly, and that includes emotional attachment, so it can sometimes be tough to realise that the guy you have been hooking up with sees you more as a quick fling than a long-term prospect. To avoid that kind of heartbreak or embarrassment, these are some key signs you're just a fling.

1. You Haven’t Met His Friends

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Have you noticed that he has never asked you to meet his friends? If he’s not interested in integrating you into his social circles, then it could be a key indicator that he doesn’t see his time with you as being anything beyond physical pleasure and one of the biggest signs you're just a fling.

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