The Harsh Signs Youre Lovesick for a Guy Who Doesnt Reciprocate ...

By Sici

Do you have signs you're lovesick? Have you ever had feelings for someone that didn’t necessarily share them in the same serious way? We’re not talking a little crush here, we’re talking full out love that, to your utter devastation, just isn’t reciprocated. You might be going through a situation like that right now, and it can sometimes take a while to understand the full gravity of the circumstances. If you have fallen hard for someone who just doesn’t love you back, then you are well and truly lovesick! Here are a few classic signs you're lovesick to help you confirm your diagnosis.

Table of contents:

  1. mood swings
  2. isolation
  3. exhaustion
  4. no appetite
  5. distracted
  6. ocd
  7. hoarding
  8. overanalysing
  9. tearful
  10. insomnia

1 Mood Swings

One second you can feel relatively upbeat about your situation, then the next second you are completely down in the dumps about it. The thought of this person sends you to both ends of the spectrum! It's definitely one of the signs you're lovesick.

2 Isolation

You have started to become something of hermit, turning down social invitations from friends and family in favour of staying by yourself at home to focus your thoughts on your crush.

3 Exhaustion

Are you tired all the time? This could be more mental exhaustion than physical exhaustion. It can really take it out of a person to experience a truly unrequited love.

4 No Appetite

Your mind is so preoccupied that you haven’t really thought about eating, and then when you do the sight of food turns your stomach!

5 Distracted

You are completely distracted. You can’t seem to focus on any given task or situation because your mind just keeps going back to your love life. Nothing you do feels like you are doing it to the best of your ability.


Have you started to develop a few obsessive-compulsive behaviours that you didn’t have before? This could be a way that your brain is trying to restore order for you because the situation with your current love life is so totally out of your control.

7 Hoarding

You start to collect and keep every little thing that reminds you of him, to the extent that it borders on hoarding behaviour. Movie ticket stubs, restaurant receipts, a few items of clothing. That sort of thing.

8 Overanalysing

You spend hours and hours going over the smallest interactions in your head. You overanalyse these things and turn them into a much bigger or more serious situation than they actually are, which can be very unhelpful when compared to real life.

9 Tearful

You are finding it increasingly hard to keep control of your emotions, to the point that you feel you could burst into tears at even the slightest thing. Oversensitivity is a classic sign that a person is lovesick.

10 Insomnia

All of this emotional turmoil will take a toll on your sleeping pattern, and you might find that you are having a lot of trouble trying to settle at night. Insomnia is something that can plague a person who has a lot on their mind, and lovesickness definitely counts as a contributing factor.

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