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20 Wonderful Signs He's Committed to You Only for Girls Questioning His Faithfulness ...

By Krizzia

Are you looking for signs he is committed to you? We all know the obvious signs that he wants a commitment, but what about the not so obvious? Below is a list of 20 signs he’s committed to you because let’s face it. sometimes even us girls are clueless about men!

1 He Waits for You

He waits for you patiently while you pamper yourself and he’ll praise you for taking so long because he appreciates the fact that you did it for yourself. This is one of the best signs he is committed to you.

2 He Does the Sweet Little Things

We cannot deny that for women, it is the small things that matter. Like how he holds your hand when crossing the street or when he shares his favorite food with you.


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3 He Texts or Calls First

Sometimes men forget to text or call you when they are having a good time, but when he’s finally texting or calling you first to let you know that he will be busy for the next few hours, then he’s finally committed to you and your relationship.

4 He Can’t Stay Mad at You

Especially when you have tears in your eyes. No matter how big your mistake was, even if you lost his dog or you scratched his car. He won’t be mad for too long knowing that you didn’t do it on purpose.

5 He Always Wants You to Be near Him

Like I said before, this is part of the small things that make the relationship sweeter. He always wants to be holding your hand. When you’re sitting he always rests his arm or hand on your legs, he always wants to be touching the small part of your waist. It’s all because he has a protective side in him.

6 He Won’t Let You Sleep Troubled

He won’t let you sleep knowing you are in a bad mood because your mood affects him as well.

7 Apologizing Doesn’t Hurt His Pride

He says "sorry" without knowing why he should, but if a single sorry would make you feel better, he will give it to you without further questions or arguments.

8 He Hates when You’re Mad

Guys who are committed will understand this. They do not want you mad because it makes you say things you don’t actually mean that unintentionally hurts him. Like breaking up with him in the heat of a fight even if he knows you didn’t mean it, it still hurts to know that you want out just because of a single fight or argument.

9 He Cringes at the Thought of You with Someone else

I mean, who wouldn’t right?

10 His Hugs Are Tighter

If a guy is comfortable with cuddling with you, then you are in for a good long-term relationship because men aren’t known for being huggers. And fuck boys do not cuddle.

11 His Kisses Seem Meaningful

It may sound cheesy but his kisses seem like they have words and good intentions in them. It makes you feel complete and content.

12 His Words Make Sense

We know guys are good at making up reasons to cover up what they did or basically just to make us feel better. But when he is finally committed to you, he is not scared to tell you the truth. It may take some time for him to completely open up but he will because he knows that you deserve the truth.

13 He Makes No Promises

No promises are broken. Why? Because a man who loves you won't break promises at all.

14 He Knows Your Worth

Now more than ever, he knows that you are incomparable to anyone because you are the one who owns his heart.

15 You Are Part of the Future He Imagines

He keeps talking about his future with you in it. Like when he’s planning where he will be 5 or 10 years or when he's planning to take you on his next big vacation.

16 His Everyday Agenda Includes You

When he wakes up he texts you "good morning." When he’s eating he will share with you. When he’s about to sleep and call it a day, he will remember you and tell you "goodnight." And your everyday agenda matters to him as well.

17 He ALWAYS Wants to Talk to You

You are his best friend and he loves telling you about his day and what is on his mind. He knows you will never judge him and you will be a big help when he is deciding on things. What you have to say matters to him.

18 He Wants to Experience Things with You

You will be the first one he will ask to travel with him. He wants to explore the mountains, countries and different foods with you.

19 He’s Trying

I know that sometimes he makes mistakes but know that he is trying. He is trying to be the right man for you. He is trying to be good enough and you may not know this because he never tells you, but he has his insecurities as well and sometimes he feels like he doesn’t deserve you at all. He’s trying to give you space and a life of your own, but sometimes it scares him that someday you will realize that you are better off without him.

20 He Says, “Her Happiness is More Important than Just My Own Happiness.”

Need I say more?

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