Uncommon Red Flags That Signal Your Partner is Unhappy ...

By Sici

Did you know there are some uncommon red flags that signal your partner is unhappy? Anybody that has been in a long-term relationship that came to an end will be well aware of some of the glaring signs that your partner is unhappy with the partnership and starting to move away emotionally. These actions can be alarming and upsetting when you notice them, but if you act quickly you can sometimes work toward a resolution before things take a turn for the worse. However, this can be much trickier if the signals your partner is giving off are much more subtle that the most common ones. In order to help you out and give you a head start on this drama, here are some uncommon red flags that signal your partner is unhappy.

Table of contents:

  1. gadget hoarding
  2. dead dining
  3. “we’ve been through this already”
  4. he’s always talking about someone else
  5. more silly questions
  6. more guys nights

1 Gadget Hoarding

Has he recently cultivated a new obsession with acquiring all of the latest gadgets and electronics on the market? If he has always been a tech nerd then this might not be a red flag, but if the interest is new, then it could be an indicator that he is bored in the relationship and is looking for ways to entertain himself that don’t involve you. It might be hard to take, but it’s real and one of the biggest uncommon red flags that signal your partner is unhappy.

2 Dead Dining

When you first get together, dinner is a time full of conversation and fun, with lots of effort being put in to make the time spent together really special. If his effort around the dinner table has dropped significantly to the point that you are eating together in silence, then you can be sure that there is a problem of some sort.

3 “We’ve Been through This Already”

One of the tell-tale signs of your partner being over it is when he says, “we’ve been through this already,” during a discussion or disagreement, rather than being open enough to hear you out. If he doesn’t even have the energy to allow you to be an equal in a verbal exchange, then you know that the two of you aren’t meant for the long haul.

4 He’s Always Talking about Someone else

Do you know more about Tracey from the office than you ever wanted to? Does this mysterious work pal always end being involved in the stories that he tells you for one reason or another? This is a classic sign that another woman is always on his mind, and whether he knows it or not, by mentioning her all the time her is sending a signal that he isn’t happy with his current standings.

5 More Silly Questions

On the other side of the coin, if you find that he has recently been asking you more inane questions than usual and trying to start up conversation in a more forced manner, then it could be a sign that he is unhappy right now, but actively wants to recreate the spark that you once had, grabbing your attention with little things.

6 More Guys Nights

Is he having more guy's nights than usual? Are they starting to take precedence over time spent with you? This could be a killer sign that he isn’t happy in the relationship and wants to escape with his pals more and more often.

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