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9 Signs Hes Not Ready for Marriage ...

By Holly

Some men just aren't meant to get married. Others will be ready eventually, but they just need some time. According to Women's Health Mag, here are a few signs that your man is not ready for marriage just yet:

Table of contents:

  1. He can't make big decisions
  2. When he talks about his future, he doesn't talk about you
  3. He doesn't ask about your long-term goals
  4. He doesn't handle conflicts well
  5. He avoids your family
  6. He won't split any big purchases
  7. He doesn't like your friends
  8. He downplays your relationship in front of his guys
  9. He criticizes you

1 He Can't Make Big Decisions
If he refuses to help you find an apartment, then he isn't serious about your relationship. He shouldn't rely on you to make all of his big decisions for him.

2 When He Talks about His Future, He Doesn't Talk about You

When he talks about what he wants to be doing five years from now, your name should pop up. Otherwise, he must not think that you'll last long.

3 He Doesn't Ask about Your Long-term Goals

If he doesn't have a clue where you want to live in the future or how many kids you want to have, then he probably doesn't care, because he doesn't think he'll have to deal with any of that.

4 He Doesn't Handle Conflicts Well

Does he prefer to run and hide over having serious conversations with you over your emotions? If he can't talk to you like an adult, he won't make a very good husband.

5 He Avoids Your Family
He should be happy to go to dinner with you and your family. If he avoids your parents like the plague, then how will he ever spend the holidays with him once you're married?

6 He Won't Split Any Big Purchases

If you're going to get married, you need to pool your money together. That means he should be willing to pay half of the money for your new TV or for rent.

7 He Doesn't like Your Friends

If he's going to keep you in his life, he needs to learn to accept the people that come with you. That means he should try his best to enjoy your friend's company.

8 He Downplays Your Relationship in Front of His Guys
He should be happy to brag about you. If he won't tell his friends about how serious you two are, then he must not think that you're serious at all.

9 He Criticizes You
You don't deserve to be put down. If he's always saying negative things about you, don't you dare marry him.

Does your man do any of these things?

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