The Harsh πŸ˜– Signs 🚦 You're Lovesick πŸ’˜ for a Guy Who Doesn't 🚫 Reciprocate πŸ’” ...


Do you have signs you're lovesick? Have you ever had feelings for someone that didn’t necessarily share them in the same serious way? We’re not talking a little crush here, we’re talking full out love that, to your utter devastation, just isn’t reciprocated. You might be going through a situation like that right now, and it can sometimes take a while to understand the full gravity of the circumstances. If you have fallen hard for someone who just doesn’t love you back, then you are well and truly lovesick! Here are a few classic signs you're lovesick to help you confirm your diagnosis.

1. Mood Swings

One second you can feel relatively upbeat about your situation, then the next second you are completely down in the dumps about it. The thought of this person sends you to both ends of the spectrum! It's definitely one of the signs you're lovesick.

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