Signs You Are Going to Be Single Forever ...


Signs You Are Going to Be Single Forever ...
Signs You Are Going to Be Single Forever ...

There are some signs you are going to be single forever. For some people, being single and independent is a choice, one that they are happy with and that they wouldn’t want to change at all. For others, however, singledom is something that seems to have crept up and stuck around for much longer than you might have anticipated, and if you are actively seeking to find a partner to share your life with, it can often be an entire process to try to shake off some of the single traits that you have become used to over the years. It might sound a little dramatic, but here are some of the signs you are going to be single forever. Perhaps you can notice them and work to change them if you so wish!

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Cuddle Averse

furniture, One of the signs you are going to be single forever is that you don't like to cuddle. You are the kind of person who shies away from a cuddle instead of embracing it. There is something about that level of physical intimacy that doesn’t appeal to you. You prefer to have your own personal space than to have someone draped around you all the time.


Extreme Dating

lighting, girl, When you do get in the mood to play the game, you end up setting up too many dates all at once and getting involved with too many individuals to cover your options. It’s not a competition, the pace and frequency might put people off.


Not Passionate

eye, girl, product, Being truthful, there isn’t really anything that you are super passionate about. You don’t have any hobbies or deep interests, and this can make it kind of hard to find a soul mate who might share your enthusiasm or lack thereof!


Unrealistic Expectations

human hair color, blond, girl, socialite, muscle, You are a victim of romance movies in the sense that your expectations and standards are way too high. We’re not saying you should be looking to slum it, but realistically you need to look over a few inevitable flaws to get to the bigger picture.


Stuck on One Person

face, person, black and white, nose, monochrome photography, Perhaps your issue is that you are stuck on thinking about one particular person who is long gone from your life. Living in the past rather than the present is a really detrimental force for finding romance.


No Self Confidence

photograph, person, black and white, nose, monochrome photography, You can’t seem to put yourself out there for the prospect of romance because you have absolutely no self-confidence to push you forward. It can be a scary thing to jump off the love cliff without knowing how you are going to land, but it’s a decision we all have to make at some point.


Too Much Self Confidence

girl, mouth, socialite, brown hair, Perhaps you are the other way around, perhaps you are somebody who is just too confident and cocky, which can be a turnoff! It can also mean that your standards are too high because you can’t tolerate people who are shyer than you.


Your Prefer the Bachelorette to the Wedding

hair, human hair color, girl, event, interaction, If your headspace is still at the point where you have much more fun as a bachelorette than an actual wedding, then it means that you are much more interested in having raucous fun than the prospect of settling down with a life partner.


On Every Dating Site

photo caption, mouth, girl, happiness, smile, You have a profile on every single dating site and app there is, and though this means you are putting yourself out there, it also means that you get addicted to the swiping game rather than trying to find an actual romantic connection.


You Prefer Your Pet

performance, interaction, human, event, performing arts, If you’re being honest with yourself, you would much rather spend time with your pet than with a date. It’s a fact that might be tough to admit, but it can be true in a lot of cases!

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