Signs 💟☮️ You Aren't Really 😕 in Love ❤️ like You Thought ...


So you’re in love. But are you? Really? Ask anyone and their definition of love will be different, but everyone will certainly recognize it when it hits them. The thing about love, however, is that no matter which way you define it for yourself, it can trick you. Your definition might be flawed or you’re desperate for it, so you misinterpret what you’re feeling. I’ve got some signs you’re not really in love you might need to consider.

1. It is Always about You?


Self-absorbed people and vain people have a lot of trouble loving another person. They may feel a lot of affection for another person, and may even feel that the other person is their “one,” but they find it hard to be in love with somebody. When you are in love, you put the other person before yourself. You would take a bullet for that person and give them your lungs because they take your breath away. If you are self-absorbed or self-obsessed, you are probably not in love.

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If a man is really in love with you he will show you off to his friends and family and not hide you as if you were a leper.
Tom Tebey
Awesome read
Get over the picture gurls...sometimes I read comments and think someone should put a muzzle on the young in's, grow up. Great article, valid points, awesome yet again @Neecey
Roxane van Konkelenberg
Kinda upset they used a picture of Zoë and Alfie for a post like this one cause they are perfect together!
I think too totally self-absorbed people can make it work. Just look at Kim Kardashian & Kanye West-BOTH HUGE EGOMANIACS! But that's my usual jaundiced view on celebrity marriages.
I actually really disagree with this. I kissed another guy once. My parents split up and kicked me out and I had just had a miscarriage, I had been smoking pot, and I drank too much. And situational d...
Zoë & Alfie!
Like always Neecey your posts are a great read - thanks 😘
Point on!!!
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