20 Simple but Brilliant 🌟 Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy 😍 with Your Mouth πŸ‘„ ...


When it comes to bedroom activities, you should never make the mistake of thinking that the thing between your legs is the be-all and end-all of making your man feel satisfied! Sure, penetrative sex is classed as the main event, but foreplay and all of the fun things that come before or instead of it can be just as amazing if you know exactly what you are doing! Here are twenty ways to drive your man crazy with your mouth!

1. Pay Attention to His Ears! It’s an Area That Doesn’t Usually Get Much Focus, so Switching It up and Nibbling on Some Lobes Can Be Really Sexy

Don’t Forget His Fingers. There is Something about Having Your Finger Delicately and Thoroughly Sucked That Alludes to the Promise of Much More to Come!
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