15 Fabulous πŸ€— Ways to Make a Killer πŸ‘Š First Impression on a Date πŸ‘« ...


The way that the world of modern dating is in 2018, it’s fair to say that the most you might know about a person before you go out with them is their name, their profile picture and a few assorted facts that can be found on their online profiles! Setting up first dates these days is more about looks that anything else, so it’s important when you actually meet to make sure that you inject lots of positive personality early on. Here are fifteen ways to make a killer first impression on a date.

1. Make Sure That You Dress Appropriately Not Only for the Kind of Personality That You Want to Put across, but Also the for the Kind of Date That You Are Going on

Try Your Best to Keep the Conversation Flowing and Interesting. Come Prepared with a Few Topics That You Can Bring up an Easy and Breezy Way


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