15 Fabulous Ways to Make a Killer First Impression on a Date ...


15 Fabulous  Ways to Make a Killer First Impression on a Date ...
15 Fabulous  Ways to Make a Killer First Impression on a Date ...

The way that the world of modern dating is in 2018, it’s fair to say that the most you might know about a person before you go out with them is their name, their profile picture and a few assorted facts that can be found on their online profiles! Setting up first dates these days is more about looks that anything else, so it’s important when you actually meet to make sure that you inject lots of positive personality early on. Here are fifteen ways to make a killer first impression on a date.

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Make Sure That You Dress Appropriately Not Only for the Kind of Personality That You Want to Put across, but Also the for the Kind of Date That You Are Going on


Try Your Best to Keep the Conversation Flowing and Interesting. Come Prepared with a Few Topics That You Can Bring up an Easy and Breezy Way


Pay Attention to What Your Date is Actually Saying. It Can Be Very Easy to Get Caught up in Your Own Head and Come across as Stuck up or Boring!


Before the Date, Set Boundaries with Yourself about What You Are and Are Not Going to Be Doing. He Will Respect Your Limits and Be More a Gentleman in Return


Don’t Go into the Date Feeling Entitled to Sleep with Him on the First Night. How Would You Feel if the Shoe Were on the Other Foot?

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Be Yourself! You Want to Make Sure That He Wants to Spend More Time with the Real You, Not Someone Who You Have Made up to Impress Him


Be as Pleasant as You Can Be. Show Courtesy to Him and to Servers and Staff at Whichever Place You Are Visiting. It Creates an Instant Good Impression


Come to the Date Armed with a Handful of Interesting Facts about Yourself. That Kind of Conversation is Perfect for when Things Start to Go Quiet at Any Time


Don’t Be Guarded about Discussing Your Life with Him. if He is Asking, He’s Clearly Interested, so Indulge Him and Let Him in a Little


Show Him a Glimpse of All Your Best Personality Traits and Qualities, but Don’t Go so Far That It Comes off as Showing off and Acting Superior


Don’t Turn up to the Date with Some Sort of Agenda, or Mapped out Plan for How You Want Things to Go. Just Go with the Flow and He Will Feel Much More Relaxed and Happy in Your Presence


It’s Always Good to Agree on a Date Venue That You Are Both Happy with. It Makes Both of You More Comfortable Right off the Bat, and Creates a Much More Enjoyable Atmosphere


Try to Be Nice and Casual in the Questions That You Ask Him. You Don’t Want to Come across as Though You Are Interrogating Him!


Hold Your Liquor! One of the Worst Impressions You Can Give on a First Date is to Become a Drunken Mess


Get Your Own Ride to the Date Rather than Relying on Him. It Will Give the Impression That You Are an Independent Woman Who Doesn’t Need to Rely on Her Date to Get around

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