10 Flirty Text Messages to Make Him Chase You ...


10 Flirty Text Messages to Make Him Chase You ...
10 Flirty Text Messages to Make Him Chase You ...

If you hadn’t already noticed, text messaging is one of the fundamental elements of dating in this modern tech age! I don’t know if it causes detriment to the face to face contact that we are having less and less of with each other, but what I do know is that texting opens up a world of flirting to people who might not be so confident and can hide behind the safety and security of their phone screens! Here are ten flirty text messages to make him chase you.

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“I Know You’re at Work Right Now, but…”

Send him a sexy, saucy message at work, a place where you know he won’t be able to really engage with you! Reading your message and then having to put his phone down and get back to work will drive him crazy!


“Guess What I Want to do Next Time We Meet”

Set up a saucy question and then leave him sweating for an answer for a little bit. Again it will set his brain going off in lots of different sexy directions!


“I Really Love It when You…”

Send half of a sexy message with three dots at the end to punctuate the fact that you are being suggestive and flirty. He will wish his day away to get to you ASAP and find out what the rest of that sentence is!


“What Turns You on the Most?”

Start of a sexy Q&A to get you both in the mood, ask him what he likes, and let him know that those likes might be a possibility between the two of you.


Understanding your partner's triggers can elevate the intimacy to new heights. Ask him about the little things that drive him wild — is it a certain touch, a whisper, or a look? Be eager to listen, and perhaps share a tease that one of his turn-ons might just be on the agenda for your next rendezvous. This opens up a pathway to not only physical excitement but also to emotional connection, by showing that you value what pleasures him. Remember, anticipation can be an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac.


“if We Could Be Anywhere in the World Right Now, Where Would We Be?”

Ask him a suggestive question that forces him to come up with some sort of fantasy scenario, potentially a scenario that you could surprise him with and play out at a later date.


“Guess What?”

This two simple words can cause a whole lot of sexual tension, especially if you leave your second reply a little while and let him get worked up wherever he happens to be!


“You Look Really Sexy when You Are Working Hard”

A little text like this in the middle of a workday will hopefully put him off of his stride and turn his attention to you for a good while!


“I’m Sat Next to You and My Hand is on Your Thigh”

Go full fantasy mode and engage in a little old school cyber sexting while you know he is in a place where getting ‘excited’ isn’t ideal!


“Thinking about You Turns Me on”

If just the thought of him turns you on, the prospect of what might actually happen when he gets you in his arms will be almost too much to take!


“I Bet I Can Guess What You’re Doing”

This is a fun little texting game to get going between the two of you, and it can always very easily go down a dirty and sexy road whenever you want it to!

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