20 Ways to Use a Kiss to Drive Him Wild ...


20 Ways to Use a Kiss to Drive Him Wild ...
20 Ways to Use a Kiss to Drive Him Wild ...

When you are older and have the full range of sexual excitement to explore, it’s fair to say that sometimes kissing gets forgotten in favour of more raunchy activities! However, you shouldn’t forget it entirely, because kissing is something that still has the power to get a guy hot under the collar! Here are twenty ways that a kiss can drive him absolutely wild.

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Don’t Forget to Pay Attention to His Ears. They Are a Really Sensitive Zone That when Caressed and Whispered in, Can Really Get Him Going!


Kissing a Guy’s Fingers Can Give Him a Feeling of Intimacy That He Isn’t Used to, and Anything Sexy That He Isn’t Used to is Sure to Get Him Feeling Really Horny!


Search for the Roof of His Mouth with Your Tongue when You Are Frenching, It’s a Really Ticklish and Sensitive Part That Doesn’t Usually Get Explored!


Play Hard to Get and Tease Him by Going in for a Kiss and then Pulling Away Cheekily at the Last Minute. the ‘almost’ Touching Will Drive Him Crazy!


Make Sure to Give His Neck Some Love. Love Bites Should Only Be Something That Girls Get!


Search for New Sensitive Spots on His Body. It Isn’t Just the Lips That Are Made for Kissing!


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Kissing Him on the Inner Thigh. It Feels Great when He Does It to You, so It Makes Sense That It Would Work for Him Too!


Experiment with Playing with Temperature. Put Ice Cubes in Your Mouth and Kiss Him All over His Body to See Where His Most Sensitive Parts Are!


Kiss His Stomach; the Area That is Usually Called the ‘treasure Trail’ is One of the Most Sensitive on His Body


Give Him a Hands-Free Massage. You Are Only Allowed to Use Your Lips for the Job!


Experiment with Making Your Mouth ‘vibrate’ as You Stimulate Him. You Can Achieve This Simply by Humming as You Go along!


Don’t Skip the Knees! Apparently the Knees Are One of the Most Erogenous Zones on the Body


Suck on the Bottom Lip in a Really Seductive Way. It’s like a Move out of a Romantic Movie Love Scene!


Don’t Take Everything so Seriously. Make the Effort to Tickle His Torso with Your Lips in the Middle of the More Sexy Stuff!


Introduce New Sensations in to the Mix. You’ve Got Tongue, Lips and Teeth so Make Sure That You Use Everything That You Have!


Don’t Stay Quiet when You Are in the Act of Making out. Make Sure to Whisper Seductive Phrases to Him as You Are Getting Hot and Heavy


Make Him Anticipate the Kissing That is Going to Commence Later on with a Series of Saucy Sexts


Experiment with Kissing down His Spine. It Contains a Lot of Nerve Endings That He Might Not Have Had Stimulated like That before


Experiment with All the Other Parts of His Body. There Are so Many Different Places to Kiss That Probably Haven’t Been Kissed before


Ask Him What He Wants! Leave It up to Him to Tell You What He Likes when It Comes to Kissing and Mouth Stimulation

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