Kissing Tips to Drive Your Man Wild ...


Kissing Tips to Drive Your Man Wild ...
Kissing Tips to Drive Your Man Wild ...

When you think about the things you can do to really drive your man crazy with lust, kissing isn’t always something that comes to mind, especially when there are much more intimate and explicit sexual activities to be getting on with! However, I don’t think that you should disregard kissing so readily. When it is done right, it can feel just as good and erotic as anything else that you can do with your mouth and your hands! Here is how to drive him wild with your kissing.

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Put in the Prep Work to Make Your Lips Look as Appealing as Possible. Lipstick or Gloss, Whichever You Prefer, Just Make Sure It is Applied Perfectly!

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Make Sure That Your Breath is Minty Fresh, It Only Takes a Second to Pop a Mint to Achieve That

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Build up the Tension by Telling Him That You Have Been Thinking about Kissing Him All Day. Guys Love It when They Think They Have Been on Your Mind!

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Start off Soft and Slow. That Way It Gives You Room to Adapt as You Kiss and Work Your Way through the Different Motions

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Be Confident about Your Kissing. Confidence and Attitude is Literally Half of the Power of Good Kissing!

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Try Different Tactics during Your Makeout Session. It Can Boring Pretty Quickly if You Only do One or Two Things

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Variety is the spice of life, and this holds true for locking lips too. Mix things up with gentle nibbles, soft pecks, and those long, deep kisses that make time stand still. Explore the contours of his lips, tease with light flicks of your tongue, and occasionally pull back to leave him yearning for more. Experiment with the rhythm and pressure, and don't forget to breathe – sometimes a whisper of breath can be just as arousing as the kiss itself. Remember, unpredictability can be incredibly seductive, keeping the flames of passion burning bright.


Add More Sensation to the Mix by Using Your Teeth at the Right Moments. a Bottom Lip Nibble is Incredibly Sexy

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Adding a hint of a gentle bite can turn a sweet kiss into one that sends shivers down his spine. Gently tug on his lower lip with your teeth, releasing with care. This unexpected sensation can amplify the intimacy, signaling a playful side to your affection. Remember, the key here is subtlety – a soft bite, not enough to cause pain but rather to tease and hint at your passionate side. This playful action can take your connection to a whole new level, intensifying the moment without saying a word.


Make Sure to Switch Your Head and Face Positions Regularly, You Don’t Want Feel like a Robot with Just a Moving Tongue

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Variety is key to keeping the moment thrilling and unpredictable. Tilt your head to one side and then softly to the other to add depth to your kiss. Playfully nudge his nose with yours to introduce a sense of playfulness. Make use of gentle head movements to pull him in closer, or lean back slightly to look into his eyes and create a moment of intense connection. The subtle changes in your expression and eye contact can communicate a world of emotion, keeping the passion alive and your partner utterly captivated.


Make Sure That You Aren’t the Only One Actually ‘doing’ the Kissing. Taking Control is One Thing, but Not Allowing Him to Respond with His Own Pressure and Moves is Another

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A kiss is a dance of lips, a give and take that's as much about receiving as it is about giving. While you might be tempted to steer the ship, remember to pause and allow him to match your passion. His instincts and desires are part of this intimate exchange, and by yielding, you invite a deeper connection. When his lips meet yours with equal fervor, you'll find a rhythm that's undeniably electrifying. So breathe, relax, and let the kissing be a true partnership.


Change the Game by Moving Away from His Mouth and Kissing More of His Erogenous Pleasure Zones like the Cheeks and the Neck

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Exploring your man's body with your lips can lead to delightful surprises. Gently nibble on his earlobes, a move that sends shivers down his spine, exhibiting a sense of playfulness and deep desire. Glide your lips along his collarbone, pausing to softly kiss the hollow of his throat. Feather-light brushes of your lips against these sensitive areas not only heighten his anticipation but also whisper of your attentiveness to his less obvious pleasure points. Remember, anticipation can be just as electrifying as the act itself.


Use You Arms to Touch His Body and His Face and Hair. There is Nothing Worse than Kissing Someone Who Has Their Arms Flat by Their Side for the Whole Time

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Make Sure to Switch Things up and Try Different Techniques to Keep the Makeout Session Exciting

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Exploring different styles and pressures can add a thrilling twist to your lip locks. Gently nibble on his lower lip, or perhaps surprise him with a soft peck on his neck. Changing the pace, from slow and sensual to a more urgent and passionate rhythm, can also heighten the intimacy. Don’t be afraid to take a playful break and gaze into his eyes, teasing him with a coy smile before diving back in. Remember, variety is the spice of life—and kissing!


Start off with a Lingering Kiss on the Cheek. It Ups the Sexual Tension Effectively and Gives Him the Promise and Anticipation of What It Still to Come

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Remember to Cuddle and Hug at the Same Time as Kissing. It is the Physical Contact and Intimacy That Makes the Kissing Even Better

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Make Sure That You Concentrate on the Kiss! Sure, a Lot of It is Natural Instinct, but He Won’t Be Driven Wild if He Senses That Your Mind is Elsewhere

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