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Do you remember back in the old days when flirting with a guy involved actually talking to him face and face and using your voice on the phone? Wild, right!? In fact, some of you reading this won’t have ever experienced dating in your life that hasn’t involved the massive presence and pressure of texting and online messaging! This modern tech age has made romantic texting completely unavoidable, so if you can’t beat ‘em, you might as well learn how to join ‘em! Here are some of the most important dos and don’ts of text flirting!

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Do Let Him Initiate

Play hard to get and wait for him to initiate the flirting. You don’t want to come across as over keen, or to start flirting when he doesn’t actually like you like that, so it is always safer to wait for him to get the ball rolling!


Playing hard to get adds an element of mystery and can create a tantalizing challenge for him. Keep your responses light and playful, yet don’t be too quick to reply every single time. By not always being readily available, you pique his curiosity and interest. Remember, if he's genuinely interested, he will likely pursue the conversation. It’s all about the thrill of the chase, and building anticipation can be incredibly flirtatious. Just make sure that once he does initiate, you reciprocate with equal enthusiasm to keep the flirtatious spark alive.


DON’T Multi Text

Don’t fall into a rhythm of sending more than two unanswered texts in a row. If you are sending five or six without reply, then it comes across as a bit desperate! Maybe take the hint?


Do Be Timely

Don’t leave it too long to answer his messages, because if you try to play too much a game, he will be more likely to lose interest and move on to someone else!


DON’T Halt the Convo

Try not to reply with awkward one word texts, because that is a sure fire way to halt the conversation. He might not know how to restart things and the flirtation will fall flat.


Do Be Brief

You don’t need to compose an essay every time you send him a message. Keep things brief and light and breezy; that’s a much more fun way to operate things than to make him read a chapter-length text every time.


DON’T Overshare

The time to get deep is when you are on face to face dates and more comfortable with each other; leave texting to the more fun side of flirting.


Do Be Witty

Make the effort to be funny and witty at every opportunity. If you can make him smile, he will want to keep texting you again and again.


DON’T Send Nude Pics

No matter how much you like this guy, it isn’t worth compromising your safety and reputation. If you’re sexually attracted to him, then wait until you are together in person to get naked!


Do Know when to End It

Nothing kills a flirty mood like not knowing when to peace out appropriately. Prevent you or him getting bored by always leaving each other wanting more rather than lingering around for longer than you should!


DON’T Drunk Text

This isn’t just for flirty situation, it’s for all situations! As soon as you feel that booze running through your system, you need to put your phone on a high shelf and forget about it until you are sober again!

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