7 Simple Things to do for Your Partner when They're Unwell ...

Having just nursed my partner through a nasty cold, I wanted to share some simple things to do for your partner when they're unwell. When you're feeling fit and well, it can be frustrating to see your significant other unable to enjoy the day and do things with you. It can depend on how patient your patient is too. If they're like me and hate the idea of being debilitated and having to slow down, then it can be a challenge to nurse them back to health, but here are some simple tried and tested things to do for your partner when they're unwell, which will perk them up and set them on the road to recovery.

1. Favourite Foods

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What are your partner's favourite foods? If you don't know yet then find out. This is one of the things to do for your partner when they're unwell. Whether it's their favourite ice cream, chocolate or other treats, spoiling them with their favourite foods will make them feel better in an instant and will show that you care. After all, if you can't have a little of what you fancy when you're feeling blue, when can you have it?!

2. Hot Bath

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What better way to show your partner that you care than by running a nice hot bubble bath? Sprinkle some bath salts or a few drops of essential oils and bingo, there you have a recipe for a relaxing and soothing bath which will make them feel better instantly and which will take little to no effort on your part. Add some music and candles for a spa-like experience.

3. Run Errands

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So, when your partner's not well, they won't be able to pop out and do the things they need to. If you're unwell and you know you have things you need to do, it can sometimes add to the the stress. How about running some errands for them? This might involve posting some letters or going to buy some things that they might need. Either way, offer to do things for them that they might otherwise be concerned about finding the time to do when they're not feeling well. This will take their mind off the fact that that they have things they need doing and help them recover quickly by knowing that someone is able to help.

4. Favourite Film

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Why not put on their favourite film and snuggle up together? Now, my partner has a penchant for animated adventures, Wreck It Ralph, Brave, those sorts of things. He's 30 but clearly super young at heart. Now, normally I would berate him and make it clear that I'm no longer ten years old and that I prefer to watch films which are made specifically for my age demographic group, but when he's unwell, I will endure a few hours of cartoons for him... The things we do for love!

5. Massage

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Massages work wonders and a soothing back, foot or head massage is a great way to lift their spirits. How about lighting some candles and putting some calming spa music on to soothe their troubles away? This is another great way to show you care.

6. Play Time

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Now, the games you play will obviously depend on how ill they're feeling... I was thinking more along the lines of card games, board games or computer games. The idea is to take their mind off their illness and amuse them back to health. This can really lift their spirits.

7. Chicken Soup

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When anyone is feeling a little low, chicken soup can work wonders. According to research, a compound found in chicken soup called carnosine can help the body’s immune system to fight the early stages of flu. Researchers at the University of Nebraska also found that the combination of vegetables and poultry in soup could help alleviate the respiratory tract inflammation that results in feeling bunged-up. This soothing broth, therefore, can cure all manner of ills. What better way to lift your loved one's spirits than with a bowl of delicious hot chicken soup?

These are just a few simple things you could do for your partner when they're not feeling 100%. What do you do for your significant other to make them feel better when they're feeling unwell?

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