10 Important and Essential Qualities You Need in a Boyfriend or Husband ...


10 Important and Essential Qualities You Need in a Boyfriend or Husband ...
10 Important and Essential Qualities You Need in a Boyfriend or Husband ...

Every woman needs different things from her partner, which works out pretty well, being that every man is different, too (I promise; fuckboys haven't yet taken over the world). So, in writing a list meant to quickly and cutely describe all the best, most super important qualities a boyfriend or husband just have to have, it gets a little dicey. What fulfills you might not fulfill your friend. You might have higher expectations for your man than your sister does. Still, there are several factors that most women want their men to have, or so I'm told. Take a look, tell me what you think.

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He is Just Mature Enough for You

glasses, vision care, Of course, you want a mature partner. Of course. Who wouldn't? I don't think I've ever actually met anyone who wanted to be with someone immature, but I've no doubt those people are out there and more power to them. For the most part, however, the majority of women – that is, women who are interested in dating and marrying guys – want someone who's mature enough. That's relative, naturally, because you might like a lighthearted guy while another woman prefers a serious, studious grounded man. So, basically, your boyfriend or husband must be mature enough for you.


The Right Attitude is Everything

person, image, man, male, beauty, There are all sorts of attitudes – bad attitudes, good attitudes, optimistic, pessimistic, pretentious, humble … the list can go on forever. Here, though, I believe the right attitude is this: look for a partner who respects you. That's the right attitude to have.


It's Essential to Share Your Morals

color, person, people, child, You don't have to agree on everything to be happy. That's silly. You don't need to have every single thing in common, either. The big things, though, they need to match up. When you choose a ride or die partner, make sure that you're on the same page when it comes to the things you believe in and the things you want.


He is Transparent with Everything

black and white, photograph, black, person, image, Okay. Almost everything. I think everyone keeps secrets, women and men. However, you don't want a guy who thrives on telling little white lies. You don't want a guy who consistently lies about the big things, either. Basically, make sure you look for someone who is honest when and where it counts – especially about his feelings.


A High Level of Trust is a Must

white, black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, choreography, I think this goes without saying, yes? If you don't trust your partner, what's the point? You can't have a deeply fulfilling relationship without trust. Mind you, that means your husband or boyfriend has to be able to trust you, too.


He Values Everything about You

person, man, male, conversation, screenshot, He doesn't have to disagree with all your choices, but he should respect and value them. He sees how valuable you are. He knows your worth and doesn't try to take it away from you or put you down.


Compromise is Key

hair, person, man, beauty, hairstyle, Compromise is key in any relationship, in fact. You can't last without it. You know what happens when you're not willing to compromise? One of you will always be on the losing side. One of you will always be unhappy.


Integrity is Essential

person, image, man, portrait, hairstyle, Most people overlook this when listing traits they want in a significant other but this one is huge! If he's willing to lie, swindle, steal, or cheat others then don't think he's not willing to do the same with you. Make sure he's pure of heart and intentions before you lock him down.


Independence Should Be on Your List

hair, man, muscle, No girl wants to be a sugar mama! Find a man who's willing to work and put effort in to supporting you just as you support him. He should value and appreciate your need to be alone at times or go out without him, and you should definitely be doing the same! It's good to value each others interests outside the ones you share together.


Sense of Humor

person, A sense of humor can truly be a relationship life saver! The ability to laugh at yourself as well as make someone else smile in their darkest of times is what's going to keep your bond strong. Studies show couples who are able to be playful with each other can diffuse a lot of potentially volatile situations. Just make sure they aren't too much of a jokester and can't ever tell when it's time to be serious.

What are the must-have traits you look for in a husband or a boyfriend? Or a wife or a girlfriend, for that matter. Let's forget about this trifling heteronormative ish for a second. What do you need from someone to be in a healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship?

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Best line in the WHOLE article: Things you believe in and things you want.


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