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17 Little Things about Your Partner You Should Pay Attention to ...

By Holly

You should know more about your boyfriend than what job he has and how tall he is. There are some little things that are just as important as the big things. If you're dating someone, make sure you find out these tiny things about them:

Table of contents:

  1. His favorite food
  2. His favorite movie
  3. What he does when he's angry
  4. What he does when he’s happy
  5. What he does when he’s turned on
  6. What clothes he wears
  7. What cologne he wears
  8. Which friends he texts
  9. What jokes he laughs at
  10. The way he kisses you when he wants sex
  11. The chores he does
  12. How often he texts you
  13. What makes him smile
  14. How he treats others
  15. How often he talks to his mother
  16. The words he uses the most
  17. How he looks at you

1 His Favorite Food

If you don't know his favorite food, how can you surprise him with it on his birthday? This is crucial information.

2 HIS Favorite Movie

If you've never seen it, then you can watch it together. Even if you have seen it, you can be a doll and rewatch it with him.

3 What He Does when He's Angry

Maybe he flares his nostrils when he's angry. Maybe he arches an eyebrow. Figure out what he does when he's angry, so you always know how he feels.

4 What He Does when He’s Happy

Does he jump up and down when he's happy, or does he just stand up a little straighter? It's important for you to know this stuff.

5 What He Does when He’s Turned on

Does he stare when he's turned on? Does he bite down on his lip? If you know the signs that suggest he's in the mood, then you can initiate sex.

6 What Clothes He Wears

If you know what types of shirts he loves to wear, you can buy him one for his birthday. You wouldn't want to get him the wrong thing and have your money go to waste.

7 What Cologne He Wears

Here's another thing that you should know, so that you can buy it for him in the future.

8 Which Friends He Texts

You should know which friends he talks to the most, and which friends he hangs out with the most. It'll show you who he really cares about.

9 What Jokes He Laughs at

Everyone has their own sense of humor. Find out what his is, so that you can make him crack up when he's feeling down.

10 The Way He Kisses You when He Wants Sex

There are different types of kisses. He'll give you certain ones when he just wants to let you know he loves you, and other ones when he's trying to initiate intercourse.

11 The Chores He Does

Men love to feel appreciated. That's why you should pay attention to the chores your man does. Then you can thank him for all his hard work.

12 How Often He Texts You

If you know he usually texts you as soon as he gets home from your house, but he hasn't done so, something might be wrong. That's why you should learn his routine.

13 What Makes Him Smile

After he has a bad day, you should be the one person who's able to make him feel better.

14 How He Treats Others

How does he treat your mother? Your waitresses? Your dog? These things are important.

15 How Often He Talks to His Mother

This will tell you how close he is to his family.

16 The Words He Uses the Most

Everyone has a word or phrase that they overuse. If you're around your boyfriend enough, you'll probably end up using it yourself.

17 How He Looks at You

This is the most important thing of all. The way your man looks at you can tell you just how much he loves you.

The more you know about your boyfriend, the stronger your bond will be. Do you know all of these little things about your partner?

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