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Most men don't ask for much from their girlfriends. They just want someone that they can laugh with, bond with, and have some sexy time with. If you aren't all that skilled with the latter, then it can be hard to think up saucy things to say to get his heart racing. However, if you want to make his imagination go wild, here are the sexiest things you could ever say to your man:

1. I Can't Wait to Show You What I'm Wearing

It doesn't matter if you're wearing lingerie or a dress that shows off your curves. Texting your man about how much he's going to love your outfit is sure to get him excited. If he asks what it looks like, you can send him a seductive selfie. If you'd rather describe it, avoid telling him it's a "high waisted skirt with a crop top." Instead, just tell him that it's a skirt that makes your booty look amazing and that your abs are showing.

You're in Control Tonight


@Devyn Fleck, why would you be afraid to say any of these things to your mate. Do you understand why YOU are with mate?!
Rylee Schultz
Rylee Schultz
@Devyn Fleck maybe let him say some things first. Let him make the first move. But once you have gotten that time started just go for it. But if you need just say it simple.
Devyn Fleck
Any tips for a girl who might be too shy to say any of these things to their man??
Love this(:💕🎀
Grow up girl u sound like a hoe on here @alka
Ritchie V
Dont get me wrong, we do Lkve to hear all these things. I would melt if J came home after a long day, with a nice meal, or if we both cant be bothered to cook, just to go out somewhere nice would be l...
Ritchie V
And someone who desperately wants to get .... Well you get my point.
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