The Survival Manual for Dating a Guy Who Lives for Adventure ...

You don’t mind a bit of adventure but what if your guy is one of those who just has to go further, more extreme and more action-packed than you are used to or really like? It’s good to be pushed out of your comfort zone but you can make it easier on yourself (and your body) if you know how to handle it.

1. Be a Good Student

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Dating an adventure-loving guy can be tough, especially if you up to that point have not been the most adventurous yourself. It is inevitable that you are going to be going on plenty of hikes, climbs, swims and everything in between with your new man, so in order to have a better time yourself and make him happy to have brought you along, be attentive, listen and take in all of his advice. Not only will it help you, it will also make him feel good that you are engaged and interested.

2. Be a Willing Participant

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If your man is a real adventurer then there is absolutely no way you are going to be able to get out of doing outdoors activities with him. Rather than always flaking out or coming up with lame excuses not to be a part of it, try to embrace his hobbies and not only will it make the bond between you stronger but you may end up actually coming to enjoy some of the activities you open yourself up to. Push your boundaries!

3. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

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The chances are that your boyfriend, being the super adventurer that he is, is going to be much more adept and much more experienced that you in most departments when it comes to the outdoors activities that he loves to do. The trick here is not to get too disheartened when you are finding it hard and he is finding it so easy. Stick with it, don’t beat yourself up too much, and you will start to get good at it much sooner than you think.

4. Take over Where You Can

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To make the activities feel like more of a couple’s thing than you just tagging along, why not try to take the lead in certain situations whenever you can? For example, if your boyfriend wants to go on a camping, hiking weekend, why don’t you do the research and come up with a few different possible locations for the trip? This way you are being actively involved in the planning and your boyfriend won’t feel as though he forcing you to come against your will.

5. Embrace the Circumstances

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Whether you are halfway up a cliff on some rope, or halfway down a slope going faster than you’d like on a pair of skis, just try to embrace the situation for what it is! Getting too caught up with the potential dangers of what your boyfriend likes to do will only annoy him and make you feel uncomfortable, so put your trust in your man and jump in headfirst!

6. Make Sure You Prepare

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So your boyfriend has all the appropriate equipment ready, you’re set, right? Wrong. It is absolutely vital that you remember to properly fuel up before setting off an adventure. Get those calories inside your body because depending on how hard-core your adventure is going to be, you might not be able to re-fuel for a while. Make sure you are fully prepared; nobody wants to faint or dehydrate in the middle of nowhere.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for His Help

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The worst thing you could do is to pretend that you know exactly how to do everything to try to impress him. Sometimes the ins and outs of adventure safety are absolutely vital, so do not be afraid to ask for help. It will serve two purposes: one, you will be as safe as possible, and two, your boyfriend will probably get a kick out of being able to help you out with his expert knowledge!

If you date a guy with a thirst for adventure you need to find a way to get with the program. It’s not much fun for him if you’re always trying to find a middle ground that he sees as tame and lame. Find an adrenaline pumping activity you can both enjoy together. The point is to have fun with him and what you’re doing.

Have you ever dated a guy you simply couldn’t keep up with?

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