15. Motherly Instinct

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Ah, the motherly instinct is a definite must for most guys. He wants someone that will take care of him … and in turn, he will take care of you. Guys also want to know that whomever they choose to have a family with, their kids will be taken care of in the best possible way.

You see, the things men like in women are almost the same as the things women like in men. Interesting, huh? Certainly! Do you know of any other things men like in women? Feel free to ask your man, too!


These R so helpful
What do you do after saying nasty things and blowing off the rip how do I make it wright
very interesting and useful.
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Stacey Ohare
Please do share. Woo Woo
@Tori, He's probably afraid that he would be rejected. Try to compliment him, try to hint to him that he interests you.
@Hannah Umphers, he sure does but have you seen him in real life
Too bad I don't give a rat's ass about men and what they like. Mai nessun m'avro!
Perfect tips , thanks dear
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