Subtle Gestures to Show You're in the Mood for Sex ...

By Sici

Do you ever feel that fire of passion burning in your loins but find that you are too shy to just come out with it and let your partner know that you are ready to go? This can be an annoying issue for a demure lady like yourself. You want to be just as sexually adventurous and satisfied as more confident people, but you just don’t have it in you to vocalise your needs in the same ways that they seem to be able to do! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few subtle gestures to show you're in the mood for sex!

1 Back Rub

Rubbing someone’s back not only makes them feel good in a comforting sort of way, but it also plants some thoughts in their head about the other things that your hands could be doing! The pace with which you rub can be really telling of the kind of mood you are in; the slower you go, the sexier it will feel!

2 Compliments

Get in to compliment giving mode, boosting their ego and filling them with the kind of self assuredness that makes them want to prove just how impressive you are telling them they are! We’re all only human after all, and little ego massaging goes a long, long way!

3 Mirror Them

It’s a weird quirk of humanity, but the more you mirror someone’s actions and speech pattern, then more they want to have sex with you! You can send sexy time signals to someone by making the effort to be a little more like them, replicate their body language and see if they take the hint.

4 Sit Close

There is the normal kind of sitting distance, and then there is the ‘something more’ kind of sitting distance! Reduce your proximity to them in a subtle but still noticeable way, and the closer your bodies get, the more thoughts of what might be underneath those clothes start to creep in on both sides!

5 Eye Contact

Your eyes can often say much more than your mouth ever could! If you can establish eye contact with them and make knowing, suggestive glances, you won’t need to say anything at all to make them realise that you want them to take you to the bedroom! Master the art of sexual eye contact and you will never have to speak up about it again!

6 Head Tilt

According to body language experts, a cheeky, flirtatious tilt of the head can be very suggestive when you do it in the right way. It’s seen as some sort of emotional appeal, an invitation for your partner to come a little closer and get more intimate with you. Trust me, it’s much more effective than you think!

7 Cup Their Face

This is an emotional appeal wrapped up in a very intimate gesture. It can be an instant turn on when you show someone you care for them beyond your physical attraction to them.

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