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Awesome Tips to Help You Avoid Vanilla Sex ...

By Sici

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that your sex life might be starting to get a bit dull? It can be so easy to fall into a routine, simply because you’re so comfortable with each other. The thing is, routine can become wearing on your soul. It’s great to feel secure in your relationship but great sex can only make your bond grow stronger. It keeps your intimacy fresh and alive. You don’t eat the same ice cream flavour every day so why have vanilla sex every time? Here are some tips to avoid vanilla sex.

1 New Positions

Start things slow by just trying some new positions to experiment with feeling different in your sexual environment. If you are used to missionary and all of a sudden try out being on top, you can almost feel like a different person without starting to get in to deeper role play!

2 Set Your Alarm

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier so you can wake up your partner and treat them to a little early morning sex. It will take you back to a time when you weren’t so stuck in your adult routine and it can feel really freeing.

3 List Fantasies

Spend some time with your partner, talking about and listing your top five fantasies. See if you have any that match, and then that will give you a good idea of where you should start to explore. I’m not saying throw yourselves straight in to it, but you can definitely both get on the same page with a bit of dirty talk about a shared fantasy.

4 Soft Bondage

If the thought of 50 Shades got you hot under the collar, then you can always start out with a little soft bondage, things like using blindfolds to heighten sensation or super soft restraints to give you or your partner a little more control and power without being too intimidating.

5 Be Strangers

One of the easiest role play adventures to try as a newbie is just to pretend that you and your partner are strangers. It will bring back that thrill of casual dating and sex that you might now have experience for a long time, especially of you have been in a relationship for years!

6 Introduce Toys

This is such a fun way to change up your sex routine yet many couples never try it. There are plenty of sex toys beyond the simple dildo/vibrator and cock ring, there’s sure to be something you both love. Make the whole thing fun, beginning with choosing and ordering the toys together. There are some good ideas in my other article here 7 Sex Toys 😈 for Partners 💑 Who Both Want Enjoyment 😉 ... @Sici

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