7 Possible Reasons He is Becoming More Distant ...


7 Possible  Reasons He  is Becoming More Distant ...
7 Possible  Reasons He  is Becoming More Distant ...

Have you noticed recently that your partner is becoming more and more distant with you? At the start of your relationship he used to feel like an open book, but for reasons that you can’t quite put your finger on, he feels more like a stranger to you know that when you first met. Sometimes, these little patches of miscommunication work themselves out over time, but on other occasions, they stay present and can really start to make a detrimental impact on your partnership. To help you figure out some things before approaching him personally, here are seven possible reasons that he is becoming more distant with you.

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Could it be that he is going through a lot of stress recently that you might not have noticed? Guys are much better at hiding and suppressing their feelings than girls, so even though he is saying he is fine, he might be becoming distant because he trying to work out his troubles by himself without letting you figure it out.



It could be that he is suffering from a little bit of exhaustion. This can be super common if he has a busy job, or perhaps his family circumstances have changed and he has to help out a bit more than usual right now. It’s not always that he ignoring you, it could be that he is too tired to interact as much as before.



Has there been an event or circumstance that has happened recently that could have made him feel uncomfortable? Guys don’t always like to admit when they are feeling uncomfortable, they are much more likely to retreat within themselves and try to ignore the problem by not engaging with it or you.



It could be that your relationship has recently taken a step forward in seriousness and that all of a sudden he is starting to feel a little bit restricted and trapped. This doesn’t mean that he wants out, it might just mean that he needs to take a little time to himself to work on adjusting.



If he is kind of a stubborn guy, it could be that he is keeping his distance from your because he still holds a grudge from a recent argument or disagreement. Have a think about the last fight that you had and whether he could still be harbouring some resentment about how it ended.


Intimacy Issues

Could it be that he has trouble opening up to people in general and that because your relationship has reached a new point of intimacy and connection, he is finding it more difficult to interact with you in the close way that you are expecting?


Losing Interest

It’s not something that you necessarily want to consider, but could it just be down the simple fact that he is losing interest in your relationship? Don’t ignore the signs if they are there, you might be wasting your time in a dead partnership.

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