7 Shockingly Simple Things That Will Drive Your Guy Away 😒 πŸ’” ...

Does it seem the men you meet are running for the door before they even sit down and get comfortable? If this is the case you may be guilty of one these 7 things that drive guys away.

1. Too Much Too Soon

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So you just finished your appetizer on your first date with this new guy and to fill the dead air while you wait for your entrees, you decide to talk about your future kids! What? No! Why? You don’t even know this guy. All you got is a plate of fried cheese and you want to talk babies. Slow it down, my friend. Guys are already skittish about commitment, no need to scare him even more.

2. Talking about the Ex

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We get it, your last relationship was rough or maybe it was amazing but ended tragically. Either way, when you are with your new beau but your mind and conversations always come back to your last flame, there are some red flags. If you aren’t over your ex maybe you shouldn’t be out on a date just yet. Give yourself some more time.

3. Getting Sloppy

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We all enjoy a good time, but be sure you keep it cool. Have a drink (if you are of age) but know when enough is enough. The last thing you want is for your new love interest to have to hold your hair back while you are hurling into the toilet. Besides, no one looks cute with their head in the crapper.

4. Being Jealous

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What’s that, your man just made a joke to the waitress? How dare he? You better let him know that you don’t appreciate that kind of behavior right now. Nope! Wrong! That is just the thing you don’t want to do. I bet one of the things you enjoy about this guy is his sense of humor. It’s in his nature to be funny and tell jokes, so it seems natural he would crack a joke at the dinner table, even to the waitress. Tame your jealous fury or you might send him running out the back door while you sop up your tears with the bread sticks.

5. Obsessed with Your Looks

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Do you know what guys find more attractive than perfect hair and makeup? Confidence! He doesn’t care that your hair is a little flatter than normal or that your winged tip eyeliner didn’t turn out the way you wanted. He probably hasn’t even noticed. Your hair and makeup don’t define you, but your self-worth and confidence do. These things show through all outward beauty, so know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and worthy of so much love and admiration.

6. Being Fake

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No one likes a fake. No one wants to be around someone who spends most of their time covering up lies or looking for a way to spin the truth. Be the real you. She is far better than the fake you anyway.

7. Controlling

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You don’t like someone telling you what to do, how to act, or how to dress. Chances are your man doesn’t like it either. If you find his behavior or appearance so horrible, maybe he’s not the guy you should be dating anyway. Lay off the corrections and let your new guy be himself or move on.

Girls, too often we let our own insecurities get in the way. Get your actions in check so you don’t run off every guy you meet. Enjoy the process and stop being your own worst enemy.

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