Say These Things to Your Man to Make Him Melt in Your Arms ...


There are loads of things to say to your man to make him melt. They might say that sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you, but one thing that we know that words can absolutely do is to make us feel a whole range of romantic emotions from lovey-dovey to hot under the collar!

We have all read a million articles about body language and the things that you can do with your physicality in order to make a man turn to jelly before your very eyes, but sometimes it can be a little trickier to master the verbal side of things. You need to have the confidence to say things that might be a little out of character, racy or super romantic without being embarrassed about it, and for someone who might be a little bit shy or reserved, this can be a really difficult task. (Trust me it gets easier with practice and you become more confident). So, what are the things to say to your man to make him melt?

Don’t fear, however, because I have found a video that provides the perfect set of tools and tips for you to be able to master the phrases that will make you man turn to putty. If you are looking to spice things up with a little bit of romantic chatter, then here are some phrases that are sure to make your man melt. You’ll have him in the palm of your hand! Watch this great video and see if you can replicate the techniques that have been taught and the phrases that have been suggested!

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