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6 Tips for a Perfect First Home Dinner Date ...

By Sici

When you meet someone new and get into that exciting and nervous flow of early dating, one of the absolute most nerve-wracking bridges that you have to cross at some point is the first ‘at home’ dinner date. When you are out at a restaurant or a bar, there is kind of a neutral ground atmosphere that can comfort you, but when he is coming into your home, all bets are off! There are is the pressure of what to cook and how to host, and then there is also the added prospect of there being a bedroom just a few steps away! Here are six tips for a perfect first home dinner date!

1 Nibbles & Welcome Drink

Make them feel at home straight away with a nice drink in their hand and plenty of nibbles for them to graze on. This gives them something to do with their hands and something to occupy them when you are running in and out of the kitchen making sure everything is cooking okay. There is nothing worse than making a date just sit in a living room with nothing to do, waiting for you to be done!

2 Good Wine

Get a couple of bottles of really good wine, it can really make a difference. The tastier the wine it, the more easily it will flow, and once you both have a couple of glasses in you, the conversation will be easier and the atmosphere will be less tense. Having good wine also gives you an air of maturity that seems sophisticated and sexy!


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3 Safe Meal

In terms of what to cook, stick with something sophisticated but safe. Don’t go for any adventurous dishes that your date might not be a fan of. Equally, don’t go for something that has questionable cooking techniques or temperature issues, you don’t want to ruin a night of potential romance by making someone sick!

4 Nice Presentation

Just because you are at home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort with presentation. Pick out nice plates, and have all your cutlery matching. If you can make things look really nice, it will feel like you have your own private room in a fancy restaurant. And no chipped wine glasses either!

5 Cook Together

Or, invite him round earlier and have some fun cooking together. You’ve seen a million of those movies where things start to get hot and steamy in the kitchen, so why not try that out for yourself!?

6 Good Music

You will notice that there is much more silence at home than out at a bar or something, so make sure that you create lots of atmosphere by putting together the perfect playlist to have going quietly in the background. Just something that will be able to cover any small quiet patches without them feeling super awkward.

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