20 Simple but Brilliant Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy with Your Mouth ...


20 Simple but Brilliant Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy with Your Mouth ...
20 Simple but Brilliant Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy with Your Mouth ...

When it comes to bedroom activities, you should never make the mistake of thinking that the thing between your legs is the be-all and end-all of making your man feel satisfied! Sure, penetrative sex is classed as the main event, but foreplay and all of the fun things that come before or instead of it can be just as amazing if you know exactly what you are doing! Here are twenty ways to drive your man crazy with your mouth!

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Pay Attention to His Ears! It’s an Area That Doesn’t Usually Get Much Focus, so Switching It up and Nibbling on Some Lobes Can Be Really Sexy


Don’t Forget His Fingers. There is Something about Having Your Finger Delicately and Thoroughly Sucked That Alludes to the Promise of Much More to Come!

Frequently asked questions

You can use your mouth to compliment him, give him gentle kisses, whisper sweet nothings, blow soft breaths along his skin, and carry out playful or passionate oral activities.

Try different types of kisses, like soft pecks, long, lingering kisses, or playful nibbles. You can also kiss different areas such as his neck, ears, or chest to add variety.

Yes, engaging in seductive or affectionate talk can really turn a man on. Telling him what you love about him, dirty talk, or sharing your desires can increase intimacy and excitement.

Certainly! Smiling, biting your lip, or licking your lips can be very attractive gestures that catch his attention and suggest playfulness or desire.

Communication is key. Pay attention to how he responds to different actions and ask for his feedback. Every man is different, so finding out what he likes specifically will ensure you're on the right track.


Try to Tickle the Roof of His Mouth when You Are French Kissing. It Can Provide a Really New and Unique Sensation. Have a Go at Something Similar Right Now and Touch the Top of Your Own with Your Finger to See What I Mean!


Once you're comfortable with the basics, introduce a playful tickle to the roof of his mouth during a deep kiss. This slightly unusual technique can ignite a whirlwind of pleasurable sensations. Experiment with this gentle stroke; vary the pressure and movement to see what elicits the most enthusiastic response. Remember, each person's sensitivity varies, so start softly and pay attention to his cues. This little twist might just be what turns a regular French kiss into an unforgettable experience.


Tease Him with Your Mouth. No Matter What Area of His Body You Are Focusing on, Switch up Your Pressure and Don’t Give It All at Once


Teasing your man with your mouth is one of the best ways to drive him crazy. Start by lightly grazing your lips over his body and then slowly increase the pressure. Experiment with different techniques like licking, sucking, and nibbling. You can even use your breath to stimulate different areas of his body. Keep switching up the pressure and don't give it all away at once. This will make your man crave more and drive him wild with desire. Make sure to be creative and use your mouth to drive your man crazy!


Make Sure to Give His Neck a Lot of Love. Small Kisses and Gentle Nibbles Are Super Sexy. Maybe Even a Love Bite!


Try to Find Those Sensitive Erogenous Zones on His Body That He Might Not Even Know about. Nipples Are Always a Good Bet


Exploring his body with your lips and tongue is like embarking on an exhilarating treasure hunt. Whisper softly in his earlobes, trail kisses down his neck, and experiment with gentle nibbles along his collarbone. These unexpected sensations can be wildly exciting. Don't forget the inner thighs; graze them lightly and watch his anticipation build. By attentively observing his reactions, you'll discover new pleasure points and turn the heat up a notch in your intimate encounters.


When You Go Downstairs, Don’t Forget to Take a Little Detour to His Inner Thighs. They Are Just Close Enough to His Groin to Get Him Hot and Bothered!


When it comes to driving your man crazy with your mouth, there are plenty of simple but effective techniques that can get the job done. One of the most effective is to take a detour to his inner thighs. This area is incredibly sensitive, and just close enough to his groin to get him hot and bothered. When you go down there, make sure to kiss and lick the area lightly, and use your hands to caress his body. You can also use your tongue to trace circles around the area, and use your breath to add to the intensity.

To really drive him wild, try alternating between light and hard touches. Start off slow and gentle, and then increase the intensity as your man responds. You can even use your teeth to add a little extra sensation. As you do this, make sure to keep your eyes locked with his, as this can add to the intensity of the moment.

You can also use your mouth to stimulate other areas of his body. Try licking and kissing his chest and stomach, and use your hands to massage his neck and shoulders. This will help to create an overall sense of pleasure and relaxation.


Play around with the Temperature in Your Mouth, from Something Hot like a Sip of Coffee or Something Super Cold like an Ice Cube


One way to drive your man crazy with your mouth is to play around with the temperature. Try something hot like a sip of coffee or something super cold like an ice cube. Start by brushing the ice cube lightly around his lips or gently sucking on it. Then switch it up and give him a sip of hot coffee, letting your lips linger on his as you pull away. This contrast of hot and cold will drive him wild and leave him wanting more.


Make Sure to Kiss His Stomach on Your Way down. It Isn’t an Area of a Man’s Body That Usually Gets a Lot of Attention


Now, this overlooked region is highly sensitive and rarely the star of the show, but trust us, gentle kisses here can send a shiver of anticipation down his spine. The unexpected attention to his stomach will excite the nerve endings and heighten his senses for what's to come. It can be a teasing pathway that builds intense arousal, indicating your unhurried intent and your desire to explore every inch of him. Remember, the element of surprise and a varied approach can turn an ordinary encounter into an unforgettable experience.


Give Him a Hands-Free Massage. Just Use the Pressure of Your Lips and a Few Teeth Here and There!


This is a great way to show your man some love and appreciation. Start by lightly kissing your man's neck and shoulders, then move to his back. Gently use the pressure of your lips and a few teeth to massage his back and shoulders. This will help to relax and stimulate him, and will drive him crazy with pleasure. You can also add in some light licking or nibbling for extra pleasure. This type of hands-free massage is sure to leave your man feeling loved and appreciated.


Make Your Mouth Literally Vibrate by Humming Aloud as You Get to His Sensitive Parts


Humming aloud is an easy yet powerful way to drive your man wild. When you hum as you get to his sensitive areas, the vibrations of your voice will create a sensation that will drive him crazy. Not only will it add a unique and enjoyable element to your intimate moments, but it will also help to relax and excite the both of you. Humming is a great way to keep the sexual energy alive and express your love and desire for your man. Plus, it can be a fun and creative way to explore and experiment with different sounds and sensations.


The Knees Are Oddly One of Those Random Erogenous Zones, so Test That out by Blowing on Them!


The knees are often overlooked as an erogenous zone, but they can be incredibly sensitive when stimulated. A light touch, gentle caress, or even blowing on them can have a surprisingly pleasurable effect. As with any erogenous zone, it’s important to experiment and see what your partner likes. Some men may prefer a light touch, while others may enjoy a firmer massage. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions and adjust accordingly. If your partner is enjoying what you’re doing, you may even want to try licking or kissing the area. With the right touch, you can drive your man crazy with your mouth and make your time together even more pleasurable.


Spend Some Time on His Bottom Lip Alone when Kissing. There is Something Really Sexy about a Gentle Bite or a Suck


Don’t Be Afraid to Tickle His Torso with Your Tongue and Lips; His Ribcage Area is Really Sensitive!


Try out the Full Range of Sensations That You Can Achieve with Your Mouth, from Licking to Kissing to Sucking to Flicking to Blowing and beyond!


Exploring the diverse spectrum of sensations you can conjure with a simple change of technique is like having a treasure trove at your disposal. Experiment with gentle licks and soft pecks that build anticipation. Gradually escalate to deeper kisses, letting the tension swell. Switch between playful sucks and tender bites—but always be mindful of his comfort. Introduce unexpected sensations by tracing coolness across his skin with a well-timed blow after a warm, wet kiss. The contrast can send shivers down his spine and leave him yearning for more of your unpredictable but delightful attention.


Use Your Mouth to Talk! Dirty Talk is Something That Virtually All Men Get Extremely Turned on by


Vocalizing your desires can act as a powerful aphrodisiac. Whispering sweet nothings or expressing your passion with more explicit phrases can heighten the experience for both of you. It's not just about the words; it's how you say them. A sultry tone, the hint of a moan, or even a breathy gasp can add layers of excitement to your encounters. It's an auditory feast that complements the physical one. So, don't be shy—let your words caress him just as your touch does.


Again, Use Your Words in the Form of Some Good Old Fashioned Phone Sex. It Can Take You Back to a More Care Free, Naughty Time!


Turn Him around and Lick down His Spine. There Are Loads of Nerve Endings There That Will Cause Him to Shudder in Pleasure


Experiment with Other Parts of His Body That Your Mouth Doesn’t Normally Touch, Elbows, Toes, Clavicles ... You Name It!


You Use Words Again to Ask Him Outright What He Wants, and Play the Part of the Genie of the Bedroom Lamp by Fulfilling His Verbal Wishes!

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